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Manage Office 365 licenses and service plans easily, for any number of users

sapio365 gives you a quick and complete audit of licenses and service plan consumption for all users in your tenant, and lets you control license assignments quickly.

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A better, faster way to manage Office 365 licenses

Easy bulk license assignments

sapio365 gives you the means to see which SKU's are assigned to whom, and make changes on any scale in only a few clicks.

Fast internal cost reconciliation

License SKUs, user assignments, service provisioning, usage locations, all available in one central place for insightful action.

Easy reports of real consumption

sapio365 gives you the truth about license consumption. Make sure what is paid for is what is needed, and what is being used.

Complete, tenant-wide control over Office 365 license assignments

It's important to correctly allocate the Office 365 licenses your organization has purchased. Because if users are assigned the wrong licenses, or if they're not using the services provided to them, your organization is both burning money and missing out on the potential of Office 365.

In larger organizations, in can be difficult to figure out which licenses are assigned to your users and if they truly have access to the services they need due to time it takes to use scripts or to dig through the online admin portals.

sapio365 makes it easy to work with licenses on a large scale.

Complete, tenant-wide control over Office 365 license assignments.

sapio365 helps you ensure proper license assignments


Keep costs on the right track

Change license assignments directly, so only the right licenses are being used and your org isn't paying for unneeded SKUs.


Get 360-degree visibility for licenses and service plans

View license and service plan information—like assignments, usage location, and consumption—from any angle you want.


Make sure users get services on time

Easy, code-free provisioning status monitoring helps you fill in the gaps in your adoption campaigns.


Give the real numbers to stakeholders

Produce detailed reports about license allocation and consumption ratios in only a few clicks.


Insight at the push of a button

sapio365 comes helpful license administration scenarios—like users without licenses or with duplicate services—pre-programmed for you.

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Know everything about your Office 365 users' licenses in only a few clicks.

sapio365's Licenses view showing all licenses and service plans for multiple users at once
Use #8

Arm yourself with the knowledge to ensure efficient provisioning.

Get a complete overview of all users' licenses and service plans, as well as their provisioning status. So, you'll have what you need to identify whose services are ready to go, whose are waiting, and how long they have been waiting for. Report it all with a simple copy/paste.

Use #6

Cut costs through proper license allocation.

The larger the organization, the more possibilities there are for missteps in license allocation. If your users are assigned duplicate licenses or services they don't need, precious resources are being wasted. sapio365 lets you see the entire licensing situation and make changes directly, so you keep costs in check.

sapio365's Licenses view showing all licenses and service plans for multiple users at once