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Manage your Office 365 users easily at any scale

sapio365 lets you manage all aspects of users faster, easier, and with more insight.

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Get more user management done in less time.

Optimized user management

Manage extensive user profile data, group memberships, license assignments, OneDrive files, messages, for entire tenants at once.

Stable business processes

Constant vigilance over user accounts helps keep business-critical processes from skipping a beat. sapio365 makes it all quick and easy.

Easy administration, no coding

sapio365 gives you point-and-click workflow for even the most complex user administration tasks.

Optimized Office 365 user management

No matter what size organization you work in, everyone gets the same toolset to work with in Office 365. And with that comes the experience of having to manage users mostly one by one, except for certain information that supports bulk actions.

The go-to solution for working faster is coding scripts to manage user information on a larger scale. But even though this boosts the number of actions you can do at once, it takes lots of time and patience to execute correctly.

sapio365 gives you the best of both worlds.

Optimized Office 365 user management

Manage users with more insight


Handle user profiles faster than ever

Work with all user profile info (country, department, user type, password policy, etc.) right at your fingertips. Make edits on any number of user profiles at once.


Calm user password scares fast

Quickly reset user passwords remotely for any number of users at once.


Manage soft deleted users easily

Get instant access to the user recycle bin to finalize or restore deleted users.


Backup a user's entire digital footprint

With access to everything from messages to OneDrive files, you can quickly download everything related to a user's account for archival.


Ensure correct user license assignments

With full visibility of all user license information, you can make sure they have the proper licenses assigned, and that they truly use the services they have.


Insight at the push of a button

sapio365 comes with a full range of user administration scenarios—such as finding users without licenses, or users with sign in blocked—pre-programmed for you.

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Did you know sapio365 is FREE for small businesses with up to 50 Office 365 users?

Faster, better user management: more insight, no coding

sapio365's Users view with multiple users selected and updating their country information all at once.
Use #17

Move up to a faster user management workflow.

If the options of one-by-one user management, or complex script building don't sound enticing to you, sapio365 is the perfect marriage of GUI accessibility and large-scale, bulk actions. Work with any number of users at once across an entire tenant, for faster and clearer audits and modifications.

Use #3

Get a handle on your users' group memberships.

All users' group memberships visible all at once. That's how sapio365 gives you the power to work with the entire picture of group memberships. Ensure that all users are members of the proper groups.

sapio365's Group Memberships view showing the group memberships for multiple users at once.
sapio365's Users view with a "Find All" search applied to the column Mail Preview to find keywords in message content
Use #10

Perform near-instant e-discovery searches on any number of mailboxes.

With sapio365, you can access and view the entirety of messages for all users in your tenant without ever having to change your organizations security structure. What's more, you can perform e-discovery searches over user mailboxes faster than the native online Content Search.