Streamline your
Microsoft 365 services for multiple tenants

You work hard to bring quality service to your customers despite shrinking margins. For managed service providers like you, operational efficiency is often the only area of improvement which can contribute to your bottom line.

Whether you are a one-person operation or a trans-geographic team, sapio365 can help you improve your relationship with current clients and allow you to concentrate on winning the trust of new clients by cutting the time of your daily Microsoft 365 admin tasks in half with its comprehensive dataset views, powerful analytics and edition, custom reporting and automation.


Empower your admins with the capacity to manage multiple tenants without signing in and out between them. Give them a single glass pane to manage Microsoft 365 customer data in the cloud and on-prem (hybrid) without resorting to PowerShell!

Keep your customer’s data security in the forefront as you delegate tasks to team members without distributing credentials, and give your helpdesk the power to carry out only specific tasks within a limited scope of data using sapio365’s built-in granular role-based access control (RBAC) system.

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sapio365 unlike native tools


Microsoft 365 and local AD (hybrid) data are managed in one single place​

Control access to cloud and hybrid tenants without distributing credentials​

See your entire dataset and arrange information BEFORE exporting

Preview changes in the grid before committing them – without coding!​

sapio365 automation works seamlessly with MFA​

Work on multiple tenants at the same time using Partner Access privileges​

Custom roles in sapio365 can have scopes as wide or as narrow as you need​

Native tools

Finding data takes time because it’s scattered throughout several admin centers​

Customer credentials shared with staff can be misused

Global views in the portal are impossible and exports require scripting

Custom report creation and mass modification require PowerShell skills​

MFA requirements limit what can be automated with scripts​

Partner Access in the portal is limited and requires signing in and out

Task delegation through admin roles can be too broad​

Decrease your Microsoft 365 support costs
and mitigate risk​

Remove security risks for your clients

Avoid the dangers of distributing customers’ credentials to your support team. sapio365 RBAC ensures an exclusive access to a centralized control of custom granular roles to delegate to your team for all your clients.

Standardize your operations

Leverage sapio365 automation to create tasks and reports that can be used again and again without giving out unnecessary access. sapio365 lets anyone carry out tasks or reports quickly and easily—no coding needed!

Reduce dependence on PowerShell

With sapio365, you do not need to rely on PowerShell scripting to create reports or to make mass changes. This means less reliance on new team members’ proficiency with PowerShell to ensure a consistent delivery of services to clients.

Free up time for new business

Allocate more resources to support more customers since sapio365 frees up your staff by granting them more access to the information they need faster than with any other tool.

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Find & fix issues, or run custom reports
on multiple Microsoft 365 tenants

Work multiple tenants simultaneously​

Get 360-degree visibility of every customers’ Microsoft 365 data in one place and the analytical tools to make sense of it all—without having to sign in and out.

Automate workflows​

Every feature in sapio365 can be used programmatically to automate tasks or report building. Improve and maintain your service quality by leveraging sapio365’s ready-to-run reports and quick actions delivering consistent results to your clients.

Create instant custom reports​

Sort, filter, categorize and analyze your data right inside sapio365 to create the right report for the right audience. You can even create visuals like charts and pivot tables.

Make bulk changes confidently​

Prevent errors from going in blind with a dubious PowerShell script by opting to preview your changes in sapio365’s grid before committing them.

Secure cloud and on-prem access

Delegate custom roles with centralized cloud and on-prem credentials, and let your team do what they need to do without compromising your customers’ security. A centralized detailed log lets you quickly audit sapio365 usage.

Schedule complex cross-tenant tasks​

Run daily, weekly or monthly reports on the customer tenants you select and set them to send emails to chosen recipients. You can even optimize your bandwidth usage by running automated tasks during off hours.