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Manage Office 365 sites: OneDrive and SharePoint

sapio365 gives you full access and visibility over SharePoint and OneDrive content for all teams, users, Groups, and sites in your Office 365 environment. This makes it quicker, easier, and more efficient than ever before to manage your Office 365 sites.

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Explore files and manage permissions in OneDrive and SharePoint

Ensuring OneDrive and SharePoint are properly managed is a vital part of successful adoption strategies. Without a clear file hierarchy, or central management options, users will waste time looking for important documents, or even working with duplicates.

sapio365 not only makes this possible – it makes it easy.

Elegant permissions management

Control all aspects of your Office 365 group admin without a single line of coding.


360˚ visibility

View all OneDrive files for users, Groups, and sites in a clear and editable hierarchy.


Monitor security

Easily detect security concerns posed by anonymous file sharing.


Improve adoption

Bolster adoption efforts by viewing and reporting OneDrive space used per users, Groups or sites.


Control permissions

View and edit file permissions by the folder or individual file.


Organize your environment

Organize folders by isolating and removing duplicate files.


Backup by batch

Download any number of files at once for easy and extensive Group content backups.

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Sapio365 transforms how you view and manage Office 365 Groups information.

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