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Gain control of your Office 365 tenant admin

sapio365 gives you fast and complete audits of licenses and service plan consumption for all users in your tenant. Access all the information you need to make effective, actionable decisions to manage your tenant.

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Comprehensive control over your Office 365 tenant admin

In large organizations, it can be difficult to see which licenses are assigned to which users. Insights into who has access to what services and information can be similarly hard to access and analyze – which makes effective Office 365 tenant management time-consuming and inefficient.

Fast and effective decision making in your tenant requires customizable 360˚ insights into your subscriptions, users, domains, and Groups. With this information, Office 365 administrators can make efficient, sweeping changes to every aspect of their tenant.

sapio365 streamlines analysis and action into one smooth process.

Comprehensive, customizable tenant data

sapio365 gives you clear and actionable access to every aspect of your Office 365 tenant admin data. No code required.


Full details for any data type

View comprehensive data on users, teams, Groups, licenses, SharePoint, OneDrive – or much more, presented in detailed, bespoke reports.


Fully actionable data

All data is fully actionable, with changes easy to make across your tenant in whatever level of detail you require.


Explore trends and patterns

Turn your data into powerful pivot tables or easy-to-read charts in a matter of clicks.


Insights at the push of a button

Access exclusive pre-programmed reporting scenarios to easily identify duplicate, dormant or non-existent licenses – and much more.


360˚ visibility

Customize granular insights into every aspect of Group data.

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Sapio365 transforms how you view and manage Office 365 Groups information.

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