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Improve your Office 365 management with complete visibility and control over user settings across your cloud environment.

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Office 365 User management: Quicker and better than ever

If an Office 365 administrator wants to edit settings and information for multiple users, they have to select each one individually. The larger the organization, the more time this takes. In the past, complex and time-consuming coding scripts were the only solution that allowed administrators to edit user settings for multiple users at the same time.

With sapio365, administrators can quickly view and edit user information across their IT environment. No other tool on the market makes it as simple or effective to make sweeping changes to user profile data, Group memberships, license assignments, OneDrive files, and a range of other data across your environment.

360˚ user visibility

sapio365 organizes and optimizes your Office 365 tenant and provides you with the maximum possible ROI from your cloud investment. Here’s how.


View user profiles

Make simultaneous bulk edits to any number of user profiles. View and change licensing, permissions, and much more.


Verify user licenses

Ensure you have the right licenses assigned to the right users, and that they use the tools and services you pay for.


Manage deleted users

Get easy access to the user recycle bin to confirm the deletion or restore deleted users, as well as viewing their former OneDrive and mailbox content.


Manage user passwords

Reset any number of user passwords simultaneously and remotely.


Secure user information

View all documents and files in your environment and easily back up or download information that’s related to an individual’s or a group’s accounts.

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Sapio365 transforms how you view and manage Office 365 Groups information.

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