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Special tools and complimentary features for better IBM Notes ACL management

Weaved in throughout the improvements aclEZ provides in terms of ACL and group management, are high-level features that are at once specific and all encompassing. These features provide immense benefits on their own and complement each other to provide the most intuitive and complete ACL management tool available.

Look beyond the traditional ways of exploring and modifying ACLs—the vital keys to your IBM Notes and Domino security.

Calculate effective access across entire servers

Calculate effective access across entire servers

Get a fast and thorough overview of the Effective Access status for multiple users, servers, and groups across multiple databases—and manage them in a few clicks.

Instantly target problematic Notes names

Instantly target problematic Notes names

Automatic background checks confirm the presence of ACL entries, Mail Owners, and more.

Cut the clutter and see only the data you need

Cut the clutter and see only the data you need

Optimize loading performance and normalize selection criteria through powerful pre-loading filters.

Extended Effective Access Analysis

Calculate effective access across entire servers

When it comes to seeing who has access to what, and why, the native Notes tools do serve their purpose. But because they are limited to one user and one database at a time, getting the whole picture can be a difficult prospect

With aclEZ, you can approach access analysis from multiple angles—you can rely on ACL entries, but sometimes that's just not enough. The Group Expander allows you to see all the details of every group. But figuring out true, prevailing access levels can be daunting even with all of this information. And this is where aclEZ's advanced Effective Access calculator comes in.

aclEZ takes the strain out of the process of calculating the "true" access granted to users through Person entries or Group memberships so you can get a handle on the entire access situation quickly.

See prevailing access rights across entire servers

View the entire access situation—including all roles—for all selected users against databases for a full understanding of the prevailing access rights.

Organize your data easily

Understand your Effective Access calculations by sorting, filtering, and grouping your results in a flexYgrid-enabled interface.

Fix any errors you find

Remedy any inconsistent or undesirable aspects with a wide array of tools— everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Report server-wide effective access data

Create detailed access status reports in just a few clicks.

Understand Effective Access across entire servers

aclEZ's effective access calculation grid
Use #27

Perform server-wide Effective Access calculations.

Proper access levels play a key part in a secure, smooth-running environment. However, as important as this is, auditing (and perhaps modifying) a large amount of databases is very troublesome. Using aclEZ's dedicated Effective Access panel, you have the entire picture in one place.

Automatic Background Check on All Notes Names

Instantly target problematic Notes names

Be it a Person, Server, or Group document, the link between these components and your organization’s Name and Address Book (Domino Directory) isn't actively managed. When Person (or Group) documents are deleted, or when servers are decommissioned, the AdminP function often fails to fully execute as exhaustive a check as is needed.

The AdminP skips over removal of related ACL entries, group memberships, and Name values more often than you think.

aclEZ’s integrated Check Presence in NAB feature kicks the detailed visual overview of your ACL entries up a notch by automatically highlighting ALL names not present in the Domino Directory including Group, Server, and Person entries.

Bring order to the user/group structure of your Domino server in a snap using the Check Presence in NAB feature's automatic indications.

Instantly target old/irrelevant ACL entries across an entire server

Automatic background check instantly shows invalid ACL entries—it only takes one click to remove them, even if they are located across thousands of databases.

See which members are missing from NAB groups

Reveal group members missing from the NAB across ALL groups in a given Domino Directory. Get a true one-click cleanup for your groups.

Find all orphan mailboxes

Discover unused, orphan mailboxes through automatically highlighted obsolete mail owner entries.

Bend the rules to your needs

Create detailed exclusion lists to manage false positives, and indicate cross-certified user permissions. Consider mail-in databases and alternate email address names.

Get a handle on problematic Notes names

aclEZ's main grid with groupings to categorize data by if names are in the NAB, by type, then by the name itself
Use #33

Identify and analyze old, irrelevant ACL entries across an entire server.

By default, any ACL entries loaded from selected databases undergo a thorough background check to determine if they are present in any of the specified Domino Directories. Once your ACLs are loaded into the grid, you are just a couple drag-and-drop column groupings away from research and actions that were once impossible.

Use #78

Locate and remove irrelevant group memberships across multiple NABs.

The AdminP function is tasked with the daunting job of removing their memberships, ACLs, and more when users are removed from an organization's NAB. And we know, this quite often fails due to various reasons. This can leave both ACL and messaging groups full of irrelevant names. Sometimes, it can even jeopardize security. 
aclEZ lets you see the situation clearly and automatically flags any group members that weren’t found in the organization’s NAB during loading.

aclEZ's NAB Group Navigator tool with entries selected to remove them from any associated groups.

Optimized Selection Filters to Sharpen and Quicken Data Loading

Cut the clutter and see only the data you need

In aclEZ, the initial tree-style database selection interface will feel quite familiar to experienced IBM Domino Administrator users. But the similarities are only on the surface, as the loading system has quite a few functions to both accelerate and normalize your operations.

The built-in functionality to sharpen and speed up your data loading will let you bring push-button speed and simplicity to your ACL management process.

See an entire servers contents before loading

View an entire server's contents (including all subfolders) in the loading tree, instantly. Color-coded status indicators let you quickly spot databases that are incompletely loaded.

Search & replace ACL names

Find any ACL entries with a certain substring in their name and rename them on a mass scale.

Target only the data you need

Set pre-loading filters for ACL entries based on access level, ACL entry type, or name; focus loading on databases, templates, or both; use regular expressions to specify selection criteria. 

Save and recall selection criteria

Save unlimited preset filter configurations—save time and gain accuracy without having to search from scratch each time.

Optimize loading and target only the data you need

aclEZ lets you set preloading filters to only load what you need
Use #92

Perform fast, targeted loading selections with aclEZ's pre-filters.

aclEZ’s pre-loading filters let you pare down your selections before loading all database ACLs. For example, choose to load only databases that have the string 'app' in their full path or name, and choose to load only manager and designer level person type entries, or both.