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Total control over IBM Notes groups, memberships, and Domino Directories

In addition to the flexible, one-stop access and mass-editing capabilities, aclEZ also contains dedicated tools and functions that will redefine best practices for dealing with your Domino Directories and group/membership structure.

With aclEZ's flexibility, power, and unmatched insight into your Domino Directories, groups, and their members, you'll have everything you need to overhaul how you deal with these vital aspects.

Deal with groups and permissions in better ways

Deal with groups and permissions in better ways

Find an audit all members of all Group-type ACL entries on a server—no matter where they are in the heirarchy—all through one central interface.

Effortlessly explore your Domino Directory

Effortlessly explore your Domino Directory

Quickly examine all user entries and memberships to ensure consistency.

Isolate standalone users

Isolate standalone users

Find and fix any users that are not part of any group through a tool specifically made for this purpose.

Unmatched, Extensive Group Permission Analysis

Deal with groups and permissions in better ways

Keeping ACL entries to a minimum by granting permissions through group memberships is widely considered to be an ACL best practice. Wouldn't you like a reliable system for exploring ALL groups for a clear picture of the access rights they provide for their members?

aclEZ is vast departure from traditional methods of group permission management. aclEZ's dynamic, intuitive grid-style UI lets you get ACL and group information from as little as a single database or as much as an entire server. 

Get all the details for the groups on your servers; whether it's for one group, or groups across an entire server.

Fully understand your Names and Address Books

Get a full view and understanding of all groups and their members.

Understand group-type ACL entries of any complexity

See every subgroup and member, as well as their access level to the database concerned and their position in the hierarchy.

Easily organize your data

Sort and filter your data based on any combination of attributes.

Analyze and manage groups and permissions, easily

aclEZ's main grid with data categorized by members, type, and access
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See ALL the applications a given user can access, and why.

In the Domino Administrator and Notes client, identifying all the applications a given user has access to is an extremely tiresome process. aclEZ makes it simple to show all ACL entries that belong to a given user and, additionally, which groups they belong to at any level, for a full picture of what the user can access.

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Find out who has access to a given application, and what grants them access to it.

Companies usually manage application access rights through NAB Groups designated specifically for ACLs. This does make it easier to manage access rights, but it also makes it close to impossible—in the native tools—to get a true understanding of all users who can access the DB and what rights they have. With aclEZ, it's easy to see all the different ways a database can be accessed—and by who.

aclEZ's main grid with the data categorized by database title, access, and members

Thorough NAB Exploration

Effortlessly explore your Domino Directory

At the heart of every IBM Notes and Domino environment is the Name and Address Book (NAB)—also known as the Domino Directory. But the traditional way of individually managing person entries and groups can get quite time consuming. 
Want an easier way to maneuver throughout this essential part of IBM Notes and Domino operation?

aclEZ's NAB Group Navigator is an exclusive built-in tool that offers you a complete solution for dealing with your group memberships.

View the entire group structure of your Domino Directories and manipulate any aspect, all through one central, visually intuitive interface. 

See everything in every NAB on a server

Access all groups in all NABs on a server no matter what position in the hierarchy. Search multiple Domino Directories as one (if Directory Assistance is implemented).

Understand the full hierarchy of any given NAB

See a tree-style group map, or use a flexible grid-style layout to sort and filter NAB group data points. Any issues, such as members without a corresponding Person, Group, or Server-type document, will be automatically indicated.

Isolate group information quickly

Target only the selected groups or members that you need through a variety of pre-filters.

Manage groups without having to dig into your actual Domino Directory

Create, copy, or remove sub-groups to and from one another. Add or remove members, or copy any number of people from and to any number of different groups, all in only a few clicks.

Get a greater understanding of the group hierarchy of your NABs

aclEZ's NAB Group Navigator showing the tree layout
Use #32

Discern the group memberships for a set of users.

Unlike in the Domino Administrator or Notes clients, aclEZ allows you to search and discern the group memberships for MULTIPLE users at once. Say goodbye to long back-and-forth searches thanks to the clear flexYgrid layout and powerful grouping features. A full audit of all group memberships for a set of users is only a few clicks away.

Use #24

Locate and remove invalid group members.

Groups are hard to keep up to date. Unfortunately, AdminP doesn’t always take care of administration changes like users leaving the company. This can leave you with groups full of people who are no longer with your company. Target these invalid group member entries in seconds with aclEZ.

aclEZ's NAB Group Navigator showing members not in the NAB selected and ready to remove from associated groups
aclEZ's NAB Group Navigator showing the tree layout
Use #68

Uncover empty and recursive groups.

Recursive groups (groups that contain themselves) are a well-known problem point in Domino administration. Performance issues arise due to the infinite loops they create, so it is important to keep these in check. While they don't have a huge impact on performance, empty groups needlessly clutter your environment.
aclEZ lets you hunt these problems down in only a couple steps, without any need to dig into the call stacks.

Special Search for Notes Names Not Part of Any Groups

Isolate standalone users

The process for setting and maintaining IBM Notes and Domino's intricate security parameters is extensive. Cases that involve users being left out of groups they're supposed to belong to are entirely possible—human error is always a wolf at the door. This can create bottlenecks in processes depending on which users are involved.
But, how can you find these users in a quick, painless, and accurate manner?

Stop reverse searching through Group or Person entries! aclEZ lets you obtain a list of names that are not found on any Group list—a fantastic starting point (or verification step) when setting out to clean up and organize your NAB.

Find stand-alone users

Search the network of any NAB to find users not part of any groups.

Organize your search results fast

Work with your results inside a flexYgrid-enabled interface to sort, filter, and organize your data.

Instantly bridge to your Notes client

Need to take action? Open corresponding documents directly in your Notes client from within aclEZ.

Quickly deal with stand-alone users

aclEZ's built in tool to find users not part of any groups with users selected ready to add to groups
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Locate all users that are not members of any groups.

Ensure consistency in your NAB. Capture a snapshot of users who have fallen through the cracks, or who are needlessly cluttering up your Domino Directory.