Manage IBM Notes actions and action bars quickly and easily, all from one place

Oversee all shared and non-shared actions, action bars, and action buttons in an easy-to-use, visual toolkit.

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actionBarEZactionBarEZ is your one stop workcentre for action bars and buttons.


Manage all actions, action bars, action buttons in one place.

actionBarEZ is a tool that offers you robust features that range from parsing every action button and property across all designs in a database, to letting you mass-edit action bar settings across any number of designs. You get all this without having to ever open your Designer client. 

Skip the coding. We've got you covered!

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Complete Data Overview

Find problems and overall tendencies in properties and settings that would normally go unnoticed, thanks to the ability to see everything in one place.

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Powerful Built-in Analytics

Perform a wide range of analysis operations on your data thanks to data manipulation tools such as category groupings, sorting and filters.

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Large-Scale Edit Functions

Employ unique mass-editing capabilities, exclusive edit functionality, to solve any problems you may find —all while keeping an eye.

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A unique, new way to manage action bars, buttons, and shared actions.

Understand the position and properties of action bars

Get a complete understanding of where your action buttons are, modify their position with drag-and-drop controls, and edit action properties en masse over multiple designs.

Understand the position and properties of action bars

Image of actionBarEZ's action position interface with action icon selection dialog open

See and work with all shared actions in a database

Image of actionBarEZ's shared action interface.

See and work with all shared actions in a database

Display the entire catalog of shared actions in a database and ensure consistent links across all designs—link and unlink shared actions in mere clicks.

Centralize action bar management

Control action bar settings across multiple designs from one central interface. Ensure a consistent application look and feel in only a few clicks.

Centralize action bar management

Image of actionBarEZ's Action Bar property window and design selection tree

Local installation, far-reaching power

Image of actionBarEZ's Action interface with integrated help dialog

Local installation, far-reaching power

Installed on the client side only, actionBarEZ is completely independent from your Notes client. Because of this, actionBarEZ offers you speed and power, and independence that just isn't possible with any native solution.