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Beyond the tools: reporting, integration, and automation

Thorough documentation and reporting are essential aspects of your work, and expandability is always a good thing. Adding these benefits to databaseEZ brings the powerful, central solution for database properties and settings to a new level.

The flexYgrid is the core engine of all Ytria tools, and all information in any panel is directly available to copy/paste, or to easily export to a variety of output formats. What's more, if you can do it in the UI, you can integrate it into a powerful automation script.

For further details about how these advanced features can heighten your productivity and boost the consistency of your IBM Notes and Domino administration, simply click below.

Make data reports easily

Make data reports easily

Export data quickly and directly from any aclEZ grid. Create reports in HTML, Excel, XML, and CSV, or simply copy/paste your data from the grid.

Integrate your workflow across EZ Suite tools and your native clients

Integrate your workflow across EZ Suite tools and your native clients

Leverage built-in bridges between products to open your target server in consoleEZ, open databases in agentEZ, scanEZ, or replicationEZ to analyze their contents, find replicas, and more.

Expand your tasks through powerful automation functions

Expand your tasks through powerful automation functions

Extend databaseEZ's scope through your own scripts that let you repeat functions across an even larger scale. You can even use the command line integration to create pushbutton, multi-step process launchers.

Easy Reporting

Make data reports easily

databaseEZ presents you with a lot of data! But no matter how much data you're dealing with, no matter which grid or panel that data might be in, exporting your data for a full report is always as easy as a copy/paste.

Produce detailed reports in multiple formats.

Ranging from straightforward copy/paste actions directly from the grid into a spreadsheet, to exports using one of the many output options mentioned above, you can find a solution for any reporting need in databaseEZ.


Excel files







Full Integration: Notes, Domino, and EZ Suite

Integrate your workflow across EZ Suite tools and your native clients

databaseEZ is deeply integrated with your Notes, Administrator, and Designer clients, as well as the entire suite of Ytria tools. Start databaseEZ as a clean slate and choose what to load from its interface, or inspect databases on demand in only a click from your Workspace.

Bridge to other Ytria products, directly from databaseEZ, to save time and gain consistency.

Use databaseEZ as a command center for single database tools

Deep integration between EZ Suite tools lets you drill down to design and document details, or even process a selection of databases through other tools in only a couple of clicks.

Quick-launch databaseEZ

Quickly launch databaseEZ in one click from the Ytria toolbar, or from the Eclipse widget, to instantly access individual databases or an entire server.

Push work to and pull work in from other EZ Suite tools

Jump to other Ytria tools for exploration of replicas on other servers, to sign designs, work with ACL entries, etc.

Extensive Automation

Expand your tasks through powerful automation functions

databaseEZ brings a powerful "strength in numbers" approach to analysis and reporting of database properties and settings to all-new levels by giving you the power to oversee all properties and settings for all databases on a server—all at once instead of working with individual databases.

But beyond that, you can automate a wide variety of tasks, such as pulling specific periodic reports or even extending databaseEZ's scope through the ever-expanding automation capabilities.

What's more, the new Automation Recorder lets you record your actions to files that you can replay as is, or use as a great starting script to build upon.

databaseEZ even works as a sort of command center for single databases, allowing you to process a selection of databases with automation scripts in only a few clicks.

Create macros, and automate tasks from the routine to the complex through the Ytria API.

Parse all properties and settings from a selection of databases across even multiple servers.

Analyze, group, and filter database attributes automatically in only a couple of clicks.

Export thorough audit reports for multiple databases and servers to XML, Excel, CSV, and HTML formatted reports.

Check out these ready-made scripts!


Quickly calculate the Space Used percentage* for all databases on a server loaded in databaseEZ.

This simple script will calculate the Space Loaded percentage for all databases on a server that you already have loaded in databaseEZ and export the results to an Excel file.

*Sufficient access rights required.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<ytriaAutomation Application="databaseEZ" ApplicationVersion="16.5">
<Select target="tree" Server="Click"/>
<Select target="grid" Lines="All"/>
<Sort ColumnID="I21" Ascending="False"/>
	<SetParam field="FilePath" value="{%CurFilePath%}\SpaceUsedPercentage.xlsx"/>
	<SetParam field="ExportType" value="Excel"/>

Create a new item across all documents in a specific category—and across multiple databases.

This script uses one of the features that gives rise to databaseEZ being called a "command center for single databases"—the 'Execute Automation File On…' option found in databaseEZ's context menu—to create a new item that you can define in all documents of a category of your choice, across multiple databases.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ytriaAutomation Application="scanEZ" ApplicationVersion="16.5" Version="1.0">

<!--The following three lines let you specify the name and value of the item to be added, 
	as well as the document category whose documents the item will be deployed to. 
	Simply enter your desired values where indicated.-->
<SetVar ItemToAdd="Enter your value here"/>
<SetVar ItemValue="Enter your value here"/>
<SetVar DocumentCategory="Enter your value here"/>

<!--The following Expand/Focus sequence will allow the focus to be placed on the documents 
	within the selection tree category specified.-->
<Expand target="tree" category="Documents" type="{%DocumentCategory%}"/>
<focus target="tree" category="Documents" type="{%DocumentCategory%}"/>

<!--The CreateItem script block is where we define the item to be added. If the item already 
	exists, it will not create a new one, instead it will skip the document and move on to the 
	next. In this particular case, the item added will be a Text item that will use the name 
	and value defined in the beginning of the script.-->
<CreateItem OnExisting="skip">
	<SetParam field="TypeList" value="Text"/>
	<SetParam field="FieldName" value="{%ItemToAdd%}"/>
	<SetParam field="FieldValue" value="{%ItemValue%}"/>
	<SetParam field="IsProtected" value="true"/>