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Beyond the tools: reporting, integration, and automation

Thorough documentation and reporting are essential aspects of your work, and expandability is always a good thing. Now, with designPropEZ full reports of design property audits

The flexYgrid is the core engine of all Ytria tools, and all information in any panel is directly available to copy/paste, or to easily export to a variety of output formats. What's more, if you can do it in the UI, you can integrate it into a powerful automation script.

Learn about designPropEZ's essential extras: from quick reporting, to integration with your environment, to Ytria’s adaptive API.

Ranging from straightforward copy/paste actions directly from the grid into a spreadsheet, to exports using one of the many output options mentioned above, you can find a solution for any reporting need in designPropEZ.

Make data reports easily

Make data reports easily

Export data quickly and directly from any designPropEZ grid. Create reports in HTML, Excel, XML, and CSV, or simply copy/paste your data from the grid.

Integrate your workflow across EZ Suite tools and your native clients

Integrate your workflow across EZ Suite tools and your native clients

Leverage built-in bridges between products to open your target server in consoleEZ, open your current databases in agentEZ, scanEZ, or replicationEZ to analyze their contents, find replicas, and more. Use databaseEZ as a server-wide database "control center" and run batch design editing processes on a selection of databases in only a few clicks.

Expand your tasks through powerful automation functions

Expand your tasks through powerful automation functions

Extend databaseEZ's scope through your own scripts that let you repeat functions across an even larger scale.

Easy Reporting

Make data reports easily

The number of designs in a database can be staggering, and designPropEZ can show you everything—that's a lot of data. But no matter how much data you have to deal with, no matter which grid or panel that data might be in, exporting your data for a full report is always as easy as a copy/paste.


Excel files








Full Integration: Notes, Domino, and EZ Suite

Integrate your workflow across EZ Suite tools and your native clients

designPropEZ is deeply integrated with your Notes, Administrator, and Designer clients, as well as the entire suite of Ytria tools, notably with databaseEZ.

Open designPropEZ on a database opened in your Notes client in only a click, work through a selection of databases in your designPropEZ session, or process a whole selection of databases from databaseEZ in only a few clicks. 

Bridge to consoleEZ directly from other Ytria products, in only a click.

Quick-launch designPropEZ

Quickly launch designPropEZ in one click from the Ytria toolbar, or from the Eclipse widget, to instantly access the properties of all designs of individual databases.

Use other EZ Suite tools in your workflow

Jump to other Ytria tools for further exploration of every detail regarding the database your currently working on such as agents, ACL properties and settings, deep-dive into documents, etc. Perform batch processing operations using designPropEZ's functionality on a set of databases selected in databaseEZ.

Extensive Automation

Expand your tasks through powerful automation functions

designPropEZ brings design property audits, modifications, analysis, and reporting to a completely new level by letting you work with the properties of any amount of designs in a given database at once, and even multiple databases by using the databaseEZ/designPropEZ combo.

Using the ever-expanding automation capabilities, you can automate a wide variety of tasks, such as pulling specific reports in a mere click.  What's more, the new Automation Recorder lets you record your actions to files to either be replayed as is, or used as a great starting script to build upon.

Create macros, and automate tasks from the routine to the complex through the Ytria API.

Audit design properties on given databases and report the findings in a pre-set data configuration.

Apply modifications to properties across multiple designs in only a click.