designPropEZ | Mass-edit power for design properties across an entire database | Ytria

Mass-edit power for design properties across an entire database

Once you're able to find the designs that you need to edit, there are some questions to consider before editing: How many of them are there? How long will this take? how can you ensure consistency across multiple designs?

Clicking through each design to check properties such as "Prohibit design refresh" and "Propagate prohibit" one by one is one way to just plug away at your tasks, but what if there was a way to see an entire database's designs all in one place and be able to change properties over as many designs as you want at once?

With designPropEZ, you can. In addition to the powerful full-database audit functions that put all designs and their properties right under your fingertips, you can simply select and edit whatever you choose directly within the flexible grid interface:

Note: Proper access rights are needed to edit designs.

With a complete overview of an entire database's designs and power over them all—working with these properties has never been easier.

Activate/deactivate high-level properties such as 'Prohibit Refresh' and 'Propagate Prohibit' on multiple designs, even across different design classes, all at once, in only a couple of clicks.

Modify languages and text sort order with the insight of a complete database-wide overview.

Add Readers to multiple designs over multiple design classes at once.

Automate designPropEZ to extend this functionality over entire servers worth of databases.