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Unequalled global design property audit

Ever since the release of IBM Notes version 8, seeing the status of properties across the (generally long) list of designs in a given database has gotten a tad easier thanks to the Designer client's overview.

But before even getting this far, before even opening the database in the Designer client, you need the proper access credentials. All things considered, performing a design property audit over an entire database is a process that could present you with its fair share of bottlenecks.

But what if you could unblock all limitations of what you can see, regardless of the type of designs?

Using designPropEZ you can get a handle on the entire design property situation of an entire database in only a couple of clicks, regardless of your access.

Get an insight into design properties that just isn't possible with the native toolkit.

Get the insight you need to make truly fast and accurate audits of design properties over entire databases—all at once, without restrictions.

See all designs—even private design elements and Eclipse files—contained within a database displayed in a flexible grid-style UI.

Zero in on specific properties and their statuses, design types, and more thanks to powerful grouping and sorting capabilities.

See the global design property situation with an insight that just isn't possible with the native tools.

Edit properties directly from the grid.