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All-around IBM Notes document management

It's hard work getting to your data! It's no secret that really seeing the data in your IBM Notes documents presents some major problems. Cast aside the old ways of the native Notes property box, long agent test and run times, and the need to build temporary views!

Get out of the Notes property box

Get out of the Notes property box

Explore your documents out of the box (out of the Notes property box that is) down to the item level thanks to numerous fast and powerful data search and navigation functions.

Easily work with deep document details

Easily work with deep document details

Make document modifications fast and with a clear context. See all information for all items in a document at once.

Analyze multiple documents, without making any views

Extended document search across entire databases

Track down any documents you need to find, easily, without any need to create views or agents.

Manage multiple documents without having to code

Analyze multiple documents without having to code

Get your application support on the fast track with unparalleled troubleshooting abilities.

Quickly categorize documents for better workflow

Quickly categorize documents for better workflow

Work with subsets of documents within a database through powerful categorization and virtual temporary folders.


Agent-free document modifications

Exercise a full range of flexible options to edit multiple documents without any coding.

Isolate documents afflicted with common problems

Isolate documents afflicted with common problems

Analyze masses of documents quickly and accurately thanks to wide variety of preset filters targeting common problems.

Your document analysis, unburdened

Get out of the Notes property box

Exploring a document for a specific item name or field can be pretty tedious, can't it? If the only option you have for looking through documents in your IBM Notes databases is the native property box, you're missing out on a lot! Limited visual access and responsiveness (you can't even scroll through properties) makes getting to document details really tough.

You can think of scanEZ as an independent, on-demand property box for both the client AND the web; one that is hundreds of times more powerful than any native solution. Launch scanEZ in just a click to access all items, their values, types, and numerous for a full database or a sub-set of documents.[click here for a full view of the properties available], all in a single feature-rich display.

But scanEZ is much more than an enhanced property window. With it you have access to all items and elements of documents—all with speed and flexibility impossible to achieve in the native Notes tools.

Truly see the inner components of your documents. Benefit from far greater insight than possible in the native Notes property box.

Quickly display all document details

Retrieve complete information about what is inside a document including all field values, item sequence numbers, sizes, flags, and more in only a couple of clicks.

Instantly access to deep document data

Display data such as Readers/Authors, how many Parent and Response documents there are, UNID information, date stamps, and more in composite, easy-to-navigate lists.

Find items and values fast

Filter, sort, apply regex and text searches, categorize by attributes such as item type, and more

Work with formulas, risk free

Test (and correct if needed) your formulas in real time—instantly and without risk.

Get a deep insight into your documents

scanEZ's Text Filters input fields ready to isolate values containing a text string
Use #63

Find items quickly, just by searching for their values.

Documents can sometimes be a sea of items. Getting to the exact item you need can be tough. But with scanEZ, you can get there just by searching for the item value.

Use #22

Get your formulas right the first time you put them into production.

Ever had to go back and forth between editing formulas in the database template, only to find out that they don't work correctly in production? scanEZ makes it simple to test formulas on documents of your choice without having to deploy first.

scanEZ's Formula Evaluation dialog
Easy management for individual documents

Work with deep document details easily

Have you ever needed to modify an item value, and then dove into the document only to be held back without because you either couldn't find what you were looking for, or making changes was such a hassle? Writing code to perform modifications is tedious and can only be done after a thorough and painful investigation of the back-end document.

There is no way around it: you WILL need to analyze your document before you proceed. But, scanEZ lets you see everything, all within the one flexible and powerful interface.

Once you find any items you're looking for, you can change them directly without ever needing to open your Notes client—not only its value, but also its Type, Name, and ALL associated flags. A "two-step" saving process (your changes do not take effect until you confirm them) is in place to ensure safety in your changes.

With scanEZ you'll no longer need to hunt through difficult dialog boxes and cluttered property windows; you'll have all you need to modify any aspect of your documents.

Work with items directly

Modify ANY item directly in the back-end document—not only their values, but also their types, names, or flags (like the “Is Summary” flag). Create, or delete items too.

Get the closest thing to drag-and-drop for documents

Copy/move documents to one or more databases with ease, or delete a document with selectable options to opt out of creating deletion stubs and responses.

Modify hard-to-work-with document data

Change a document’s UNID, parent, and more, all directly from the dedicated document menu.

Create new documents directly

Make a new document (even profile documents) directly with options to set the author list upon creation—add your items at any time.

Work with all details at all levels, all in one place.

scanEZ's Items grid showing that the item
Use #34

Change a document's workflow status—something you normally can't modify using the native UI.

Sometimes you need make specific document mods, only to find it's impossible in the native UI (a document's workflow status, for example). scanEZ lets you see and change item values directly in the back end. Just point, click, and change without any need to code agents.

Use #77

See and edit the parent/response hierarchy for individual documents.

Parent/response hierarchies are how document relationships are managed in IBM Domino. With scanEZ, it's simple to see any parent/response associations. You can even see the entire hierarchy at once. And if you need to change a relationship, get it done in just a few clicks.

scanEZ's Document Hierarchy tool
Extended document search across entire databases

Extended document search capabilities

Whether you need to analyze or modify documents, the first step is getting to them. Creating temporary agents and/or views is just a normal part of this process.

But what if you could bypass all these traditional steps?

scanEZ gives you the most powerful search capabilities to find your documents—search by formula, UNID, regular expressons, and more. Categorize your search results in virtual folders so you can easily take your workflow in numerous different directions for analyses or modifications.

Power over documents is much less effective if finding them is tough. Find your documents without guesswork—quickly and accurately—with scanEZ.

Pinpoint documents through multiple search paths

Retrieve documents through a variety of search paths such as UNIDs, specific (or a range of) NoteIDs, view or folder contents, full text search, and formula based selection. Find documents that contain Author/Reader type items, documents that are signed and/or encrypted, all response or parent documents, and more.

Use virtual folders to hold data and speed workflow

Organize your search results fast with the help of virtual folders. Any search results are automatically placed in virtual folders to keep subsets of documents categorized for easy handling.

Bridge to your native clients

Open a specific selection of documents directly from a Notes database.

Find designs by class, name, UNID or NoteID

Get to any document you need in a given database.

scanEZ's Quick Retrieve Contents of View of Folder dialog, showing that 90 documents will be placed in a virtual folder
Use #64

Find documents that use an existing view, and analyze them based on a column value.

Sometimes all you really need is a better overview of documents in a given view or folder. scanEZ makes it simple to point and click a view, and then specify a column value to use as a common key to isolate a subset of document for further work.

Adaptable analysis for multiple documents

Analyze multiple documents without having to code

When you need to find documents that might be malfunctioning, where do you begin? Does this scenario sound familiar? Open the Designer client and begin coding special, one-time-use views and agents, just to be able to compare multiple documents.

Let's face it, building views every time you need to really look at your data can eat up a large amount of precious time.

scanEZ's flexible interface lets you isolate data you want to work with quickly. See EVERYTHING in your databases, on the fly, without any need to code views—without any need for your Notes client, period.

scanEZ allows you to navigate between subsets of documents and explore them the way YOU want to, all without the need to code special views, or any guesswork.

Psst... Need to modify multiple documents? Look at this!

Pinpoint documents through multiple search paths

Get to the documents that you need through multiple search paths. scanEZ gives you ultimate flexibility to suit any situation.

Use virtual folders to hold data and speed workflow

Categorize multiple subsets of documents, in virtual My Selection folders, according to the characteristic of your choice—such as form name, manually entered or computed item values, and more.

Analyze documents with powerful built-in tools

Understand your documents' contents through a range of built-in tools—compare item differences across documents, categorize data by the criteria you want, and more.

Find a custom selection of values across document selections

Zoom in on the values of a handpicked selection of items across multiple documents in just a few clicks. Create virtual "views" on the fly, export data lists, and more.

Explore your documents, your way.

scanEZ's Values pane
Use #26

Create a view of all your documents, incl look-ups to other databases, but without actually creating a view.

scanEZ's search and virtual folder functions make it really just a matter of a few clicks to having a virtual view, directly within scanEZ, of all your documents showing a chosen selection of items. You can even create dynamic columns using formulas that can't be used in native Notes views such as @Dblookup.

Agent-free document modifications

Quickly categorize documents for better workflow

scanEZ goes far beyond the means for viewing database contents and structure that the Notes client allows you. You can see everything … but now what? Whether you want to work with documents, designs, or even deletion stubs, scanEZ offers you powerful methods to get to what you need.

These “virtual folders” are a core aspect in scanEZ’s versatile and powerful data handling, allowing you to set aside (or focus) your actions and/or data on a specific selection of documents or designs. These folders behave just as Notes folders do, yet they exist only within scanEZ. Creating a virtual folder will not create a folder in Notes.


Create/remove virtual folders that can be used to separate documents and designs from the pack.

Isolate documents into groups that you choose, so you can quickly define subsets of documents and designs for better clarity and safety when you need to make changes. All with an ease that approaches a copy/paste.

Categorize your documents in your virtual folder according to whatever you want

It's easy to section off your documents, but you can also make your selection even easier to identify thanks to various information display options. Get an at-a-glace vision of your documents by UNID, any field value, computed values, and more.

Get a glimpse of what is inside your selection through easy title display options.

Tag your documents/designs by identifiers such as UNID, or any field value. For easy identification and faster workflow.

Move data to and from virtual folders easily

Sharpen focus on specific data easily, through comparison, and document intersection operations between virtual folders.

Manipulate your virtual folder content however you choose

Copy a list of UNIDs (or any value tag), search within tags, combine virtual folders, and more.

Categorize documents virtually for quicker workflow

scanEZ's Search and Replace dialog showing one string to be found and replaced with a second, and a preview of the results
Use #36

Easily isolate documents into a subset to gain visibility and shield against human error.

Without any need to code views and beyond any barriers IBM Notes databases normally put up for documents selection, scanEZ lets you simply select documents to place in virtual folders. Easily work on these subsets to modify documents en masse without fear of touching other documents in your workflow.

Advanced document troubleshooting

Agent-Free Document Modifications

It's a know fact that analyzing multiple documents in the native IBM Notes and Domino methods is a heavy process involving quite a few steps.

But what if you've discovered a problem?

What if you've been tasked with a special modification requirement?

We all know how big the task of modifying multiple documents can be. From writing, testing, and then correcting agents, to running them on production databases, these steps all take time.

The process itself isn't the only drawback. Sometimes agents themselves take A LOT of time to run.

scanEZ let's you perform fast and easy modifications on any number of documents at once without agents—no waiting, risk, or guesswork:

Easily modify items across any document selection

Create values directly, or by computing them with formula.

Fix value inconsistencies over large amounts of documents

It's easy to compare a summary of field values and items, or do a search and replace, across multiple documents.

Remedy document problems with coding

Fix problems such as duplicates, parent/response issues, and more without the need to write any code.

Near copy/paste ease for documents

Copy/Move a given selection of documents to a selection of different databases almost as easily as performing a copy/paste.

Quick and easy document encryption

Encrypt/decrypt a selection of multiple documents in only a few clicks.

Gain control over your documents

Take total control of your documents

scanEZ's Search and Replace dialog showing one string to be found and replaced with a second, and a preview of the results
Use #85

Set a new value for an item across thousands of documents within 2 clicks and without any agents.

The adminP process can leave some holes. Sometimes reader and author items aren't properly updated. In scanEZ, it's only a matter of clicks to find all documents protected by reader/author-type items and then perform a search & replace across all of them.

Advanced document troubleshooting

Isolate documents afflicted with common problems

Domino is a very flexible platform for your data, but this flexibility comes a host of potential bottlenecks. From the most basic and frequent problems, such as response documents that have lost their parents, to pesky anomalies that take hours and hours to find, the range of possible document problems is huge.

scanEZ offers you a wide variety of filters to help you find and retrieve documents that match specific characteristics in a given database.

Get analysis capabilities far beyond any traditional solution through a variety of built-in tools and advanced options.

Find a wide range of common document problems with point-and-click ease:

No matter the volume or type of analysis needed, scanEZ has you covered with an array of solutions that allow you to manage the intricate aspects contained within documents.

Documents whose total sum data exceed 32k

Documents that are missing either parents or responses

"Ghost" (or resurrected) documents

Documents that remain unread—and more importantly, by whom

Documents that should be encrypted but aren’t (and vice/versa)

Documents with signature issues such as documents that should be signed but aren’t

Documents with multiple fields that have the same name

Conflicts without and parent document, or that are their own parent

Easily find any documents afflicted by common problems.

scanEZ's Search for Unread Documents feature as well as the 'Select users' dialog, to find documents unread by users
Use #91

Discover all documents currently marked as "read" by a given user, and mark them the same for another.

Previously impossible without physical access to a given user's ID, with scanEZ you can locate all documents that are currently marked as "read" by a specific user of your choice, and either mark them as "unread," or even as "read" by other users.