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All-in-one solution to solve IBM Notes document issues

In an ideal environment, prevention alone would solve most issues. But chances are that your environment is not at day 1 of operation. What's done is done. However, there's still time to remedy current issues and set your system up to avoid future problems.

scanEZ gives you a variety of built-in tools to remedy issues that you already know about, and to find and fix problems yet to be found, before they manifest themselves.

Quickly solve difficult conflicts

Quickly solve difficult conflicts

Solve save and replication conflict documents with full insight and without any risk of losing data.

See a database's entire document encryption situation

See a database's entire document encryption situation

Get a detailed overview of the encryption situation for all documents in a given database. Find documents that are encrypted or signed, or isolate those that aren't.

Manage duplicate documents easily

Manage duplicate documents easily

Understand and manage duplicate documents regardless of their type and origin.

Unlock the potential of the unread marks table

Unlock the potential of the unread marks table

Manage the Unread Marks table in new and unique ways. Maintain a proactive stance towards it's consistent replication.

Manage 32k errors easily

Manage 32k errors easily

Get a "heads-up" for looming 32k errors, or fix them if you've already been effected.

Understand parent/response hierarchies

Understand parent/response hierarchies

See any parent/response hierarchy for complete understanding of document relations.

Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Quickly solve difficult conflicts

A proactive stance against Replication or Save Conflicts is a good thing to have, but, for administrators that rely on the native IBM Notes and Domino tools, this proves to be far from the norm. Admins become aware of the vast majority of conflicts only when someone signals. But once they have been discovered, then what?

scanEZ gives you the tools to find replication or save conflict documents fast, without LotusScript and without the risk of losing data. Uncover all conflicts in a database in only a few clicks.

(Need to scan multiple databases for conflicts, and, while you're at it, all their replicas? Look here.)

Solve save and replication conflicts without losing ANY precious data.

Traditional views are NOT your best bet to find and solve conflicts; scanEZ lets you see them ALL. And you'll have all the tools you need to understand the situation behind the conflicts and get your documents in order.

Uncover conflicts across entire databases

See ALL replication or save conflict documents within a given database in just a few clicks—regardless of your view settings.

Fix conflicts fast with the Conflict Solver tool

Find, understand, and fix any conflict document easily and with full insight thanks to scanEZ's exclusive Conflict Solver—compare differences between parents and their conflicts to determine the proper data to keep.

See conflicts across entire servers

Combine scanEZ's powerful conflict detection tools with replicationEZ to uncover conflicts on entire servers.

Move beyond views; manage conflicts in a better way.

scanEZ interface showing a item by a searched value
Use #81

Resolve conflicts where both parent and conflict documents contain valuable data.

In the old ways, resolving conflicts using a simple Notes view restricts you to simply deleting the conflict document. But that could eliminate valuable data! scanEZ makes it easy to get a full comparison between the parent and conflict, where you can pick and choose what data to merge into a final, right document.

Use #73

Resolve multiple conflicts at once.

scanEZ is great for looking at individual conflicts and the difference between parents and conflicts. But there may be times that you're facing thousands of conflicts. With numbers like that, scanEZ provides an easy way to spot conflict patterns, allowing you to make the sometimes hard call about which documents to keep.

scanEZ's interface showing a virtual My Selection folder used to isolate conflict documents, ready to delete them all at once
Solving Encryption Enigmas

See a database's entire document encryption situation

Whether you work in large environments (with in-house eDiscovery teams helping around the clock to keep order in the vast sea of data), or a small environment that may have only the occasional IT security needs, scanEZ lets you get a handle on encryption across documents quickly and easily.

Don't stay in the dark when it comes to encryption/signature issues on documents. What was once a work-intensive task in the native toolkit can now be accomplished in just a few clicks thanks to scanEZ.

Uncover documents that are encrypted or signed

Find ANY documents that are encrypted or signed across an entire database.

Find documents NOT encrypted or signed

Perform a "reverse lookup" to isolate documents that are NOT encrypted or signed—a search that is substantially more time consuming in the native tools.

Set encryption status for multiple documents in only two clicks

Encrypt/decrypt across multiple documents in a given database in only two clicks, all while respecting Notes security. Encrypt using public keys for one or more users, or even use secret encryption key(s).

Proactively uncover problems with encryption and signatures

Find encryption and signature anomalies BEFORE they affect the integrity of your environment such as documents that have is signed or is encrypted flags, yet are not so.

Let the interface work for you

View all of your processing results in a flexible grid interface for quick categorization and reporting.


Get the whole story regarding document encryption.

scanEZ's Document Analyzer showing results of searching for three specific encryption criteria

Locate and decrypt any encrypted emails in a user’s mail file

Encrypted mails can cause issues not only during migration projects, but during efforts such as certifier changes, etc. Locating these emails is almost impossible using the Notes client UI, but don’t worry – scanEZ can help.
Using scanEZ, you can quickly switch to another ID file, such as the end user’s ID, then you can search for documents encrypted using private or public keys. With the emails at hand, it only takes one click to get them all decrypted. Pro tip: you can use the automation [link] capabilities to extend this functionality to process multiple databases!

Get the whole story regarding document encryption.

scanEZ's Document Analyzer showing results of searching for three specific encryption criteria
Use #62

Find and quickly decrypt all encrypted documents in a user's mail file.

Encrypted mails can cause problems, not only during migration projects, but also during operations like certifier changes. Finding these emails through the Notes client UI? Forget it. But scanEZ gives you the flexibility to use other IDs and find all documents encrypted using private or public keys. 

This can even be automated using Ytria's automation functions!

Dealing with Your Duplicates

Manage duplicate documents easily

The subject of duplicate documents is all too well known across the IBM Notes and Domino community, and let’s face it, the process required to identify them varies each time, and is usually the textbook example of the disposable, one-time agent.

Do you need to single out email or calendar duplicates? Perhaps you need to compare a few item values in order to track them down? In either case, we’ve got you covered.

scanEZ offers you far greater flexibility than the traditional tools when it comes to duplicate documents. Get a handle on these once-elusive situations while eliminating the extremely time-consuming task of creating disposable agents.

Stop creating one-time, disposable agents

Find and fix duplicate document situations across a wide range of possible types, including calendar duplicates, custom application documents, emails, person documents, etc., all without having to write a single line of code.

Handle multiple duplicate documents at once

Copy/move or remove multiple duplicate documents to and from databases, all at once.

Deal with your duplicates—no agents needed.

scanEZ's Change Displayed Document title feature, allowing the title change to be carried out using formula
Use #55

Get rid of duplicate emails.

Duplicate emails can cause real problems, no matter how they come about. With scanEZ, you can quickly identify duplicate mails using specific combinations of attributes thanks to powerful formula search functions.

Managing the Unread ID Table for Any User

Unlock the potential of the Unread ID table

It's used in a variety of everyday IBM Notes applications (such as your mailbox), but the Unread Marks Table remains behind the scenes. When problems arise with this table (e.g. the table falls out of sync between replicas) solving problems has traditionally been limited to heavy-handed deletion.

scanEZ offers you full flexibility to find and manage the document unread status for any user, in just a few clicks.

Uncover, manage, and fix any issue with the Unread Marks table, without losing important settings. Work in new and better ways.

No process is without the occasional flaw, and replication of the Unread Marks Table is no exception. scanEZ offers you unprecedented flexibility to work with this important table in ways that just aren't possible in the native client.

See unread documents across entire databases

Gather up ALL unread documents for one or multiple users, from any given database, into easy-to-analyze virtual folders.

Sync unread ID Table across replicas

Synchronize the Unread ID table across replicas manually thanks to the ability to modify the table directly.


Get unique access to the Unread Marks Table.

Deal with your duplicates—no agents needed.

scanEZ's Search for Unread Documents feature as well as the 'Select users' dialog, to find documents unread by users

Find all documents currently read by a given user, and mark them as read for another

Previously impossible without physical access to the user’s ID, with scanEZ we can locate all documents currently marked ‘read’ by a given user. With the documents in a virtual folder, we can then mark them as unread, or even mark them as read by another user, too.

Get unique access to the Unread Marks Table.

scanEZ's Search for Unread Documents feature as well as the 'Select users' dialog, to find documents unread by users
Use #41

Discover all documents currently marked as "read" by a given user, and mark them the same for another.

Previously impossible without physical access to a given user's ID, with scanEZ you can locate all documents that are currently marked as "read" by a specific user of your choice, and either mark them as "unread," or even as "read" by other users.

Thwarting 32k Errors

Manage 32k errors easily

The spectre of the “32k error” has haunted IBM Notes and Domino for years. Everyone has encountered this at least once, and when that happens, it's usually too late—the damage has been done, and your ability to see an afflicted view is gone. However, this vicious circle is only beginning—you need to be able to display the view in order to find the problem document that impedes the view.

Wouldn't you like to finally solve these problems?

scanEZ is your perfect companion in these situations, letting you sift through your data to find these problem documents and remove them without Notes session crashes or view hang-ups.

Head off infamous 32k errors at the pass—or remedy them if it's "too late."

No matter where you are in the vicious 32k-error cycle, scanEZ provides you with the means to find offending documents or even prevent prospective error documents from becoming issues.

Uncover 32k errors almost instantly

Find documents that have surpassed the view summary data limit of 32k bytes in only a couple of clicks.

Let the interface help you

Handle any problem documents found with clarity and ease thanks to the powerful categorization features of the flexYgrid interface—group them by Name, Title, NoteID; view actual summary data size, and more.

Get proactive about summary data errors

Prevent future errors through dedicated search functions to identify documents at different points in their progression towards error: those that contain summary data exceeding 20k, 25k, and 30k.

Break the 32k-error cycle.

scanEZ's Document Analyzer showing documents whose total summary data exceeds 30k
Use #24

Prevent the 32k error from happening.

Searching for document problems has never been easier thanks to scanEZ's built-in tool that lets you find common problems across a ton of documents. The 32k error is no exception. Once you find them, removing the culprits is only a couple of clicks.

Document Hierarchy Navigation and Management

Understand parent/response hierarchies

The parent/response relationship is the backbone of document thread management in IBM Notes. It's a necessity for the mechanics of email conversations, discussion lists, custom apps—even conflicts. Sometimes you need to manipulate this structure. But whether you need to reassign responses to a new parent, locate orphaned responses, etc., you’ll need to take a step back to assess the situation before acting on it.

scanEZ gives you the power to do all of this. Get oriented in any documents parent/response hierarchy thanks to scanEZ's automatically display of the levels above and below any document selected (if the Response ID Table is managed in Notes). You’ll have the ability to navigate between levels and make your desired edits to the relation itself—all in the same interface.

Explore and adjust parent/response hierarchies without the need for coding views.

It's important to keep parent/response document relations in order. scanEZ provides you with the tools to analyze and control these links all within the same powerful interface.

Automatically see parents

View the parents of any selected document automatically and, if the "Manage Response ID Table" is enabled in your Notes client, all its responses as well.

Analyze your parent/response documents easily

Simply grab a selection of parent documents and see all of their responses, or even the other way around!

Change parents for multiple documents in a snap

Edit parent/response relationships (directly modify the $Ref item) to change parents for one or multiple documents.

Uncover response document inconsistencies in mere clicks

Find various response document inconsistencies such as orphan responses, parent documents whose Response ID Table isn't up to date, response documents whose UNID is identical to its parent, etc., all through simple, clickable search options.

Ensure optimal parent/response relations.

scanEZ's Document Hierarchy tool with three response documents selected ready to remove response links from their parent
Use #31

Review and modify the parent/response hierarchy in an entire database.

Although the parent/response hierarchy can come in handy when managing document relationships, its depth can quickly get out of control. scanEZ gives you an easy way to display your entire document hierarchy. You can even manage these relationships directly.