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How does scanEZ work?

scanEZ allows unmatched access to documents, designs, deletion stubs, and basically every element within an IBM Notes database. All without the need to code a single view, or create any special forms. On this page, you'll find some answers to questions you might be wondering about: How does it "work"? How (and where) is it installed? Are there any risks? Is there an "undo" button? Etc. So, here you go!

How does scanEZ "work"?

scanEZ is a standalone compiled application coded in an efficient, low-level language. When installed, its executable file (scanEZ.exe) is detached into your Notes Program Directory. Each time you start scanEZ, a new Notes session is created, independent from your Notes client session. scanEZ runs parallel to your Notes and Designer clients and thus will not interfere in any way. In fact, you can think of scanEZ as a special "Designer client" through which you can carry out backend work with Notes databases. You can even select which ID you want to work with—without having to switch IDs in your native clients!

This means it won’t tie up your IBM Notes or Admin client, or your console. You can even select which ID file to work with – without having to switch IDs in your native clients!

What type of installation does scanEZ require?

Like all other Ytria tools, scanEZ is installed on the client side ONLY. There is no need to install anything on the server, and being a local install means no system downtime.

How does scanEZ affect security?

scanEZ offers you a multitude of features that surpass the functionality available in the native clients. You'll be able to see everything contained within a Notes database immediately on startup and without having to write any code. However, our tools NEVER bypass Notes security. Basic Notes security allows editing of anything in the backend via agents as long as you have at least "editor" access. scanEZ is no different, aside from not having to write any agents, of course.

Are my modifications safe?

With scanEZ, you can modify masses of documents, designs, and other deeper database components within merely a few clicks. With such power available, how can you know that you're making the right changes?

Don't worry, we've got you covered! You always know what you have changed, through a clear modification process that lets you to review your changes before applying them.

What about speed? Do I get all this info right away?

The fact that scanEZ is an independent, compiled program puts it in the position to outperform the native clients or agents coded in LotusScript. But beyond that, scanEZ gives you unmatched speed and flexibility in getting to specific documents, or a selection of documents fast. scanEZ can even be called to open on specific documents, directly from within whatever view you are currently looking at, effectively replacing in large part, the Notes property box.

How does logging pertain to scanEZ?

scanEZ operates through the official Notes API channels; any changes that you make to documents even through backend access, will be logged in the $Updatedby and $Revisions items—as per Notes security norms. You can also create a special Modification Log database in which every single operation performed using our EZ Suite tools will be logged. You can place this database on either your local machine, or on one of your servers. And you can even use our licensing system to route logging for all EZ Suite users into a central log database.