Manage IBM Notes signatures quicker and more securely, all from one place

Work with design element signatures with unmatched scope, speed, and security. Audit and sign design elements across any number databases and servers with full ID flexibility. Signatures will never be a burden.

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Image of signEZ's audit grid and design element tree selection dialog.

Stop signatures from slowing your pace. Sign/re-sign design elements and audit design signatures over any number of databases or servers.

signEZ gives you a ton of signature capabilities ranging from auditing signature details, to batch-signing designs even across multiple databases and servers—all with the added option to use ID files of your choice. You can even securely delegate signing IDs without any need to distribute passwords.

Skip the coding. We've got you covered!

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Complete data visibility

Find problems and overall tendencies in properties and settings that would normally go unnoticed, because you can truly see all your data.

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Powerful built-in analytics

Perform a wide range of analysis operations on your data thanks to built-in data manipulation tools such as category groupings, sorting, and filters.

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Large-scale edit functions

Use mass-editing capabilities, exclusive edit functionality, and more to solve any problems you may find on a large scale—without losing the big picture.

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Large-scale scope and multi-option flexibility for signature audits and signing makes it so signatures are no longer a burden

Get the answer to all your signature questions with signEZ. Audit and sign across any number of databases and servers, far beyond anything possible in the native tools. Get complete audit results in a flexible, grid interface so for easy organization and visibility of your data, and sign any combination of design elements with any ID you have access to—all without any interruption to your Notes session.

Agile audits and secure signing

Audit design element signatures and sign across and entire database while benefitting from numerous helpful signature options.

Agile audits and secure signing

Image of signEZ's grid interface and signing option dialog, in the process of signing multiple design elements.

Security-first ID switching and delegation

Image of signEZ database, the stored id information dialog, and the signing options dialog.

Security-first ID switching and delegation

Use different stored user IDs in your processes and delegate secure central signing IDs, all without interruptions to your Notes session.

Powerful audit and signing capabilities that span multiple servers

Work with signatures on a large-scale basis. Sign and audit across multiple databases, and even multiple servers.

Powerful audit and signing capabilities that span multiple servers

Image of signEZ's server batch database and a signature audit over multiple servers

Report your entire signature situation at any time

Image of signEZ's main grid, export options dialog, and a data report

Report your entire signature situation at any time

Export detailed signature reports to pre-formatted document types or through simple copy/paste actions.

Hybrid installation, far reaching power.

Combining a client-side install with an optional server-side ID repository, signEZ gives you power and flexibility over signatures unmatched by any native solution.

Hybrid installation, far reaching power.

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