Manage views and columns in IBM Notes databases with complete visibility

Work with views in a way that makes sense—visually. See and edit all aspects of your views, folders, and the columns that they contain, all within an innovative, central visual UI.

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Work with all aspects of your views, indexes, and columns for an entire database at once so you can see everything and know the whole context.

viewEZ gives you powerful abilities like parsing all views and folders regardless of whether they are shared or private. It lets you view, analyze, or edit any of their settings en-masse, without ever opening your Designer client.

Compare and deploy view formulas, column formulas, shared columns, and even purge view indexes, all from one place.

Skip the coding. We've got you covered!

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Complete data visibility

Find problems and overall tendencies in properties and settings that would normally go unnoticed, because you can truly see all your data.

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Powerful built-in analytics

Perform a wide range of analysis operations on your data thanks to built-in data manipulation tools such as category groupings, sorting, and filters.

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Large-scale edit functions

Employ unique mass-editing capabilities, exclusive edit functionality, and more to solve any problems you may find—without losing the whole picture.

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Work with your views, folders, columns, and view indexes in a better way—visually, and with the entire picture right at your fingertips.

viewEZ lets you deal with views, including their columns and their indexes all in one, intuitive central interface. You'll be able to see and change anything that may need adjusting, knowing how every formula is interconnected.

All views in one place

Analyze and edit view and folder properties across an entire database with a clear understanding of their context in the "big picture."

All views in one place

Image of viewEZ's 'Views' grid and the View Properties dialog

Complete view index audits

Image of viewEZ's view index grid showing multiple view indexes and their information

Complete view index audits

Grasp the implications that view index sizes have on your environment quickly and easily.

The whole truth behind column presence and position

See and edit view column properties and position en masse across all designs of a given database in only a few clicks.

The whole truth behind column presence and position

Image of viewEZ's column position interface with multiple view columns represented.

Mass column property analysis

Image of viewEZ's column properties grid with multiple columns selected.

Mass column property analysis

Work with all properties for all your view columns for a given database at once.

Local installation, far-reaching power

Installed on the client side only, viewEZ is completely independent from your Notes client. Because of this, viewEZ offers you speed and power, and independence that just isn't possible with any native solution.

Local installation, far-reaching power

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