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Beyond the tools: reporting and integration

Thorough documentation and reporting are essential aspects of your work, and expandability is always a good thing. viewEZ's offers you a powerful tool to oversee the entire situation of all aspects of views across an entire database.

Like all EZ Suite tools viewEZ includes the powerful flexYgrid features. Most information is directly available to copy/paste, or to export to a variety of output formats. What's more, if you can perform an action in the UI, you can integrate it into a powerful automation script.

For further details about how these advanced features can heighten your productivity and boost the consistency of your IBM Notes and Domino administration, simply click below.

Benefit from a range of powerful extra functions from quick reporting to Ytria’s adaptive API.

Make data reports easily

Make data reports easily

Export data quickly and directly from any flexYgrid. Create reports in HTML, Excel, XML, and CSV, or simply copy/paste your data from the grid.

Integrate your workflow across EZ Suite tools and your native clients

Integrate your workflow across EZ Suite tools and your native clients

Leverage built-in bridges between viewEZ and other EZ Suite products, as well as your native Designer client.

Easy Reporting

Make data reports easily

viewEZ gives you a vision of views and columns within their global context, and that can amount to a lot of data. But no matter how much data you need to deal with, exporting your data for a full report is always as easy as a copy/paste.

Produce detailed reports in multiple formats.

Ranging from straightforward copy/paste actions directly from the grid into a spreadsheet, to exports using one of the many output options mentioned above, your view and index property audit reports are a cinch with viewEZ.


Excel files








Full Integration: Notes, Domino, and EZ Suite

Integrate your workflow across EZ Suite tools and your native clients

viewEZ is deeply integrated with your Notes, Administrator, and Designer clients, as well as the entire suite of Ytria tools.

Open the current database directly in signEZ for a full design element signature audit.

Launch viewEZ on an entire database, for a full vision of views, or open the viewEZ directly on a current view—all through the Ytria toolbar.

Drill down into the current database in scanEZ in just a click.