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Size  301.11 MB – Version  v20.2.1 – 2024-04-16

Download (64 bit)

Size  361.48 MB – Version  v20.2.1 – 2024-04-16

See just how much faster and more fluid your HCL Notes Domino administration and development can be.

The suite includes all of Ytria’s software tools for Notes & Domino:

Unlike previous versions, all the products of the EZ Suite 20 are bundled in a single download.

However, the installer will allow you to choose which tools you want to install.

The latest EZ Suite 20 version comes with a new registration and licensing system.
License keys for product version 16.5 and older will NOT work for version 20 products.
Download older version products from here.

If you have questions about getting your software to work, see the links below:

Note: Be sure to provide complete, accurate information during registration and use a valid email address*; otherwise we cannot deliver important product information to you. You only need to register once to use all our tools.

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