Ytria software for Notes & Domino
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scanEZ Extension database

Adds additional features to scanEZ including: open multiple documents from any HCL Notes view, plus open documents from a list of web URLs.

[scanEZ installation required]   Learn more


signEZ Server Batch Database

This optional Server Batch database contains extended functionality and allows you to include all databases on a server—including those in sub-directories.

[signEZ installation required]  Learn more

Ytria Designer Widget

This widget enables tight integration with Ytria tools and the Eclipse-based IBM Domino Designer. To install, simply click and drag the file Ytria_Designer_widget.xml to the right into the IBM Notes client My Widgets panel.
[IBM Domino Designer 8.5+ required]   Learn more

Ytria Launcher Widget

An Eclipse-based launcher for Ytria tools. To install, simply click and drag the file Ytria_Launcher_widget.xml to the right into the My Widgets panel in IBM Notes.
[IBM Domino Designer 8.5+ required]   Learn more

Download YtriaUpdate Utility

This is the application that checks for updates of your Ytria products and downloads them. This is the same application behind the ‘Check for Updates’ option included by default with your installation of EZ products. It is offered here as a separate download for those who need it.

39.73 MB
v5.2.0.19 – 2022-11-10