Teamstudio CIAO!® Users

All Ytria software tools for Notes and Domino work seamlessly with Teamstudio CIAO!® . Our software looks to see if a design element is being “watched” by Teamstudio CIAO!® and if it is, we will automatically check out the design element for you. After you are done with it, we will also automatically check in the design element. Ytria signEZ users won’t have to worry either; design elements that are signed with a stored ID will be correctly signed even after the check in process.

How Ytria's interface for CIAO! works

Starting with the first instance where a Ytria tool needs to save something in a Notes database, we check for a CIAO! configuration. (This means that just opening a database with a Ytria tool will not trigger a check to see if the database needs to be verified by CIAO!).

When a note is saved in a CIAO!-enabed database, a dialog box will pop up (pictured below), asking you for the comment that will be used for the Check In. This dialog box includes a checkbox option to keep notes checked out. Ytria’s Interface for Teamstudio CIAO

When working on several designs at the same time (like in signEZ or actionBarEZ), the dialog box will appear only once, on the first document, and then the software will use the comment you entered for all the subsequent designs it will save.

You can disable Teamstudio CIAO!® CheckIn/CheckOut in Ytria products by adding the following line in your notes.ini file: YtriaCIAODisable=1

Special instructions with Teamstudio® Release 22a users

Those who are using Teamstudio CIAO!® and Ytria tools, may be experiencing some crash problems when attempting to run Ytria tools. Teamstudio® Release 23 should resolve these Teamstudio CIAO!® compatibility issues with Ytria tools.

In the meantime, to correct this problem, download and install the replacement ndbciao.dll file (below) provided to us from Teamstudio®. Since this is an “unofficial” build from Teamstudio® Release 22a, it would be a good idea to backup the original ndbciao.dll as a precautionary measure. Just in case you experience problems and need to revert to the original Gold release.

The latest release of Ytria tools now all manage this new “special” version of ndbciao.dll (Teamstudio® Release 22a “special”). However, Teamstudio® Release 22a and 22 are still unsupported.

Alternatively, if you are using Teamstudio CIAO!®, add this line in your notes.ini, to disable the use Teamstudio CIAO!® by our products: YtriaCIAODisable=1.

However, you will have to manually manage the check in and check out process yourself.

Reminder list:

  1. You must have Teamstudio® Release 22a installed (other versions will not work with the special .dll file)
  2. Install (replace) the ndbciao.dll file with the one provided on this web page
  3. Make sure you have the latest release of Ytria software installed on your machine