EZ Suite v20.2.x Version History

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General fixes and improvements

  • Improved font resizing option by always keeping columns with icons the standard size.
  • Fixed product registration process where invalid formats were accepted for the email address field resulting in void registrations.
  • Fixed issue where increasing the font size in Preferences resulted only in increasing the cell size and not the font size itself.
  • Fixed issue during installation on the Notes client 12.0.2 FP3 64-bit.


  • Improved Document Analyzer with additional handling of 60K and 64K limitations.
  • Improved the field selection dialog by providing a history on the field names that were used for the selection.


  • Cleared up how Hierarchy values are displayed when using aclEZ’s Group Expander.


  • Added Console Setting in Preferences to set the font size and colour in the consoles via RegEx.
  • Fixed issue where RegEx Search was not carried out on the selected Column.

databaseEZ and replicationEZ

  • Removed the “varying flag” from column set by default with the % number format. It is now limited to 2 decimals for Space Used in replicationEZ, and for Analysis Result and Current Usage in databaseEZ.
  • Added Large Summary Support flag in replicationEZ.


EZ Suite 20.2.0

November 14 2023

General fixes and improvements

  • NEW – Improved grid grouping zone visibility by highlighting the grouping zone and its text in green when dragging a column header.
  • NEW – Improved grid with text size options to increase text size and cell height in Grid Tools & Options.
  • NEW – Improved grid with a visible column selection indicator. The selected column now shows a border.
  • Improved column value filters where you can now see all values previously filtered and change your previous selection.
  • Improved ‘Remove Duplicates’ feature by enabling it if duplicates info is present and removing them from a list.
  • Improved the ‘Convert text to date/time’ dialog by adding some format examples.
  • Improved the ‘unloading’ filtered and hidden rows in the grid by adding process count and a progress bar.
  • Improved access to “Select from File/Clipboard” by adding it to the Main Grid Menu.
  • Improved confirmation dialog of “Select from File” by indicating the number of rows selected in the grid and by adding a progress bar for the matching process.
  • Improved grid filter for cut-off date/time with option to invert results.
  • Improved grid behaviour where now hierarchy columns and comments update only when data is changed, and where sorting or grouping no longer trigger a hierarchy or comments update.
  • Improved grid refresh behaviour for multi-value properties. “Processing Multivalues” will be shown when multivalues are exploded or imploded, a field is modified, or when a row is added.
  • Fixed regression where grid cells of Time-only type showed ‘Invalid DateTime’ value.
  • Fixed grid issue where double-clicking on the border did not result in increasing the cell width to show the full column data.
  • Fixed issue where using ‘Totals’ for groupings was not working properly with multi-values.
  • Fixed how multi-values are handled in building charts and pivot table. Explode them first to process them as single values.
  • Fixed Comments issue where ‘Refresh’ greyed out (disabled) the ‘View Orphans’ button.
  • Fixed offline license dialog which presented “product expired” message, and also removed irrelevant information when there is no active license.


  • Fixed issue where the document tree was not shown after loading a saved tree config.
  • Fixed issue where applying a saved setting required transforming old sfd files to the newer JSON format.


  • Fixed issue where the wrong time zone is used when calculating the last Run Date of an agent where the server time zone is different from that of the client where agentEZ is running.


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