A walkthrough of what is new in EZ Suite 16.5

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EZ Suite version 16.5 greatly increases the scope of what can be done through EZ Suite’s powerful automation capabilities and brings in many new performance enhancing functions and preferences. In this webcast, we’ll walk you through the many new possibilities in version 16.5.

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Learn all about the new possibilities EZ Suite 16.5 holds for your administration and development

Catch a glimpse of some of the great new automation abilities:

  • Performing and recording database actions such as finding documents, and finding profile documents across multiple databases
  • Working with agents matching given criteria
  • Automating designPropEZ
  • Adding new items across documents selections and multiple databases
  • Working with aclEZ and automating reports

See how the power and versatility of the FlexyView continues to expand.

Additionally, we’ll look at how you can put some of the new capabilities to work for real:

  • Watch how easy it is to copy/move documents to multiple databases, export attachments, and compare non-replica databases.
  • Create or delete Full Text indexes across multiple databases.
  • Filter multiple values at once and seek back through a specific date range.
  • Learn about some other lesser-known, yet far-reaching improvements throughout EZ Suite.

Time-Stamped outline

Here is what the webcast will cover. (1:30)

What’s new in automation? (4:00)

  • Use XML scripting with less coding thanks to the new macro recorder (6:30)
  • What does the future hold for the macro recorder? (8:28)
  • Learn about the improved launch options. (12:30)
  • See some of the new automation functions in action. (13:59)
  • Get started with the macro recorder (14:35)
  • agentEZ example | Find all scheduled agents that have run in the last 7 days and exporting an agent timeline snapshot. (15:25)
  • Recall a recorded XML file. (17:10)
  • databaseEZ example | Audit the user activity within an date range for a specific folder’s contents. (18:07)
  • Extend the scope of automation files by launching them between tools. (20:17)
  • replicationEZ/databaseEZ example) Apply the recorded “user activity audit” script across multiple servers and keeping all results within the same report. 20:17 (20:17)
  • databaseEZ/scanEZ example) Audit multiple mailboxes to find any mail rules enabled and that are sending full copies of emails to external addresses. (23:20)
  • databaseEZ/scanEZ example) Read out all calendar profiles found in a selection of databases and export a full report. (25:55)
  • replicationEZ/aclEZ example) Audit multiple servers for all mail owners and produce a comprehensive report of all permissions granted to those mail owners, per server. (29:05)

What improvements have come to the flexYgrid? (32:31)

  • See the number of rows displayed, hidden, and selected in the grid status bar. (33:50)
  • Minimize intermediary grid processing time with the Suspend Grid Redraw option. (34:40)
  • Learn about the improved focus, navigation, and grid mechanics. (36:00)
  • Keep your selection focus even when re-sorting data. (36:12)
  • Search and focus on found information using regular expressions. (36:30)
  • Hide individual columns in a click. (37:25)
  • Learn about the enhanced and additional filter options. (38:33)
  • View only data within a specific time range back from the current date. (38:55)
  • Show all manually hidden data. (40:08)

What are the product specific improvements? (41:15)

  • What’s new in scanEZ? (42:00)
  • Copy/move documents to other databases, with flexible copying options. (42:10)
  • Export all attachments and files from a selection of documents. (47:28)
  • Compare non-replica databases. (48:43)
  • What’s new in databaseEZ? (51:10)
  • Create or delete full text indexes. (51:30)
  • What’s new in replicationEZ? (52:32)
  • Load conflicts into scanEZ directly from the conflict counter. (52:32)
  • What’s new in consoleEZ? ( 53:03)
  • See detailed error information for multiple servers at once. (53:15)
  • What’s new in agentEZ? (54:28)
  • Instantly see agent presence by type, within the database selection tree. (54:28)

EZ Suite

See just how much faster and more fluid your HCL Notes and Domino administration and development can be.