scanEZ Masterclass II

01:06:04 MIN

Within scanEZ brims over 100 tools to help you better manage the content of your Notes databases. But with so many functions available, even more advanced users can end up getting a bit lost from time to time. In this 45 minute webinar, we’ll be focusing on scanEZ’s flagship features—the ones that keep scanEZ a daily staple in the majority of our customers’ workflow—the document management features.

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Mastering scanEZ’s various tools for better management of designs, deletion stubs, replication & more

Feel like you’re only using a small percentage of scanEZ’s capabilities? Do you consider yourself an advanced user? No matter what level of experience you have with scanEZ, you will take away new information and methods that will make your daily tasks easier.

  • Inspecting, understanding, and effectively managing individual documents—date stamps, parent-response hierarchies, item types and sequence numbers
  • Analyzing masses of documents: understanding the Diff panel and the vast powers of the Values function’s ability to build snapshots of document contents on the fly
  • Modifying groups of documents with precision, and without coding
  • Targeting specific documents, and how to pare down large selections into the subsets of documents you need
  • Understanding the power of My Selection folders and integrated features such as Intersecting, Checkbox Selecting, Re-Categorizing, and more
  • Unlocking the potential of Display Titles customization—from evaluating simple formulas, to using document level, or even item level, identifiers

Time-Stamped outline

Overview of scanEZ’s basic document management features (3:30)

  • Opening documents with scanEZ (4:15)
    • Targeting an individual document (4:15)
    • Opening documents from the web (8:45)
    • Opening a group of selected documents (10:00)
  • Examining the differences between large amounts of documents (15:00)

Document analysis (16:40)

  • Opening documents with scanEZ (4:15)
  • Audit password security using a formula (19:15)
  • Spot LocalAdmin problems (20:50)
  • Display individual item attributes (such as last Modification Date) across documents (21:30)
  • Employ formulas to perform deep analyses on directories, and report your results (22:55)
  • Categorize data by field values, sum/average values—ex. sum of salaries per department (27:30)

Modifying documents in bulk (30:30)

  • Modify items using formulas, and send notifications—ex. change multiple identical passwords to unique values (30:45)
  • Rename item across multiple documents (33:50)
  • Reorganize and verify group memberships (36:10)
  • Modify LocalAdmin item value to include country designation (45:00)

EZ Suite

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