What’s new in EZ Suite version 11?

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An EZ Suite Major Release Webcast

The Ytria development team has been hard at work creating new features and enhancements in response to customer requests and suggestions. As a result of this ongoing effort, we have released a major update of our EZ Suite software. Newly published, EZ Suite 11 is now available for download and offers you a new and improved flavour of your favourite IBM Notes and Domino software tools.

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Outline of presentation

Generic changes

Inline Product Tour

  • Inline Product Tour
  • Help learning curve
  • On first product launch
  • F12 for next step

Grid formatting

  • Additional Filters
  • Custom Cell & Group Formatting
  • Vertical Column Titles
  • XML Exporting

Switch ID capability

  • Switch ID capability
  • Authenticate Product Session
  • Consistent in all products

Product specific improvements


  • Conflict Counter
  • Phantom Parent Finder
  • Notes.ini Editor


  • Vertical Column Titles
  • Load Space Used


  • Create Replica
  • Cluster Analyzer
  • Multi-server Conflict Finder
NAB Presence Checker capabilites


  • ACL Interface


  • Main Grid: ACLs and Members
  • Group Navigator
  • Global ACL Properties


  • Main Grid: Agent Signer


  • Audit & Report Grid
  • Additional Settings

Restriction System

  • Restriction System
  • Leverage the power of all tools
  • Central Governance
  • Enforce / Restrict features

Modification Logging

  • Significant Enhancements
  • Part of Central Governance
  • Release 10.5 vs Release 11.0

Release 10.5

  • Modification Logging Capability – Optional
  • Limited information recorded

Release 11.0

  • Enforcement option
  • Commenting (optional / enforced)
  • More Details on each action
  • Back office to monitor all usage of Ytria tools

EZ Suite

See just how much faster and more fluid your HCL Notes and Domino administration and development can be.