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What is the sapio365 automation API?

Coming Soon! Go even bigger with your sapio365 tasks thanks to the ability to build large-scale macros for your most repeated processes.

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Can sapio365 be automated? Yes it can! But...

The API and documentation for sapio365 is currently being built.

If you have a lot of large-scale, repetitive task that can't be fully satisfied by using sapio365 manually, be sure to bookmark this page and check back soon!

sapio365's automation API will be finalized in early Q4. And once it is ready, you'll have full access to begin building new macros for your processes. Effectively speeding up anything you would do with sapio365, to the ease of a click.

We'll guide you along so you'll know a bit about how the Ytria's sapio365 automation API works. And we'll also get you up to speed on some key resources that you can use for the future.

Stay tuned!