Enhance your Security on Microsoft 365 – Audit Logs and Create Reports with sapio365

No matter the size of your Microsoft 365 tenant, sapio365 provides unmatched visibility into recorded events. Enhanced sign in and audit logs are available within a couple clicks to shed light on who is accessing your tenant and all changes made to files and structures. Work efficiently and quickly with sapio365.


Efficient Microsoft 365 access, security log audits and monitoring

sapio365 is your central access point to comprehensive insights into every session, as well as the who, what, where, why, and how of actions performed. All of this can be managed and accessed in one place, without having to code.

Whether for one-off forensic approaches to finding a specific user action, or to keep an overall view on what is happening for operational (or even legal) purposes, sapio365 gives you the tool to achieve it quickly and easily.

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Unparalleled productivity with sapio365’s
Microsoft 365 audit logs

sapio365 possesses many functionalities to assist clients in their Microsoft 365 daily tasks. We understand that Microsoft Office 365 can be difficult to surf and manage at times and that is why sapio365 was created. With this tool, you and your team will be able to audit logs and assert security and compliance issues within your company.

Gain 360-degree visibility and improve your activity management

See a full view of audits and sign-in logs, from a high-level overview to a deep dive—all in one place and at an unmatched scale. Microsoft 365 audit logs can provide you with valuable insights for better security and user management.

sapio365 enables you to rapidly record and craft detailed reports of your tenant and user data

With sapio365’s FlexyView grid, what you see is what you get in terms of reporting. Simply copy and paste directly from the UI, or export data to charts, spreadsheets, HTML, or CSV.

Search audit log by leveraging preset data for quick insights

sapio365 gives you a variety of preset data views and scenarios to choose from to view and export as is, or to enhance by adding in comments, custom categorizations, and more. Not only does sapio365 provide reports of data, it works through Microsoft 365 logs in a short amount of time. These quick insights provide users with additional time to focus on more pressing issues. This increase in data access and visibility can be delegated outside of management and other admin users, allowing a unified workforce within a company.

Clarify and manage your administration workflow in clicks without any coding

Call up all data and explore it fast thanks to the FlexyView grid’s various built-in analysis tools. With this platform there is no PowerShell needed. Users will have access to audit logs without any background in coding needed. sapio365 was created to be user-friendly, and to allow anyone to perform any type of tasks (complex or not) with a couple of clicks.

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sapio365 makes our life easier!

With sapio365, I bring my cloud and on-premises accounts together in one place. I no longer have to search for them in one tool and then another – it really helps to avoid errors and problems. sapio365 makes our life easier!

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Easily leverage and audit deep Microsoft 365 security logs to quickly access crucial information, data and reports

Access tenants and user sign-in, as well as, session information

  • Basic user information
  • Geographical information
  • Session statuses, dates, and times
  • Devices IDs and classes
  • Conditional access policies

Securely access Microsoft OneDrive file details and audit them

  • Creation and modification dates
  • File sharing details
  • File properties and metadata
  • SharePoint IDs
  • Access permission details

sapio365 does not compromise
on your company’s information security

At Ytria, we take security seriously. We provide a viable solution for companies in need of organization with Microsoft 365 and doing so we provide protection for all data. Members of the administration department are given the possibility to choose and select which users get access to what information. This reduces unnecessary exchange of data, increases security, and allows your organization to work faster and more efficiently.

sapio365 offers ample protection of your organization’s security and compliance audit logs

Choosing sapio365 to help manage your company’s Microsoft 365 accounts will only increase your workplace and workforce productivity as well as efficiency. We strive to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing the best software to our customers. Reassure yourself with our helpful customer service department who always satisfies any questions or concerns our clients have. Our team at Ytria is carefully selected to ensure a positive customer relationship.

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