SharePoint Audit – Increase The Visibility of SharePoint Sites Through Auditing

From expanded visibility of site collections, sites, and their metadata, to a deep dive into site lists and document libraries, sapio365 is your central vantage point to observe and report on your SharePoint site information structure.


Use Ytria’s sapio365 to audit your SharePoint sites; auditing includes their lists, metadata, and document libraries

Full visibility into all levels of your SharePoint site details means a more thorough understanding of SharePoint usage and document storage. Easy reporting capabilities let you integrate detailed audits into your workflow in just a few clicks.

This type of SharePoint visibility at an org-wide scale just hasn’t been possible until now. Now with sapio365’s features, collection of audits of SharePoint sites has never been easier. With all of its helpful characteristics, this online software will allow you and your office 365 users to work more efficiently. What’s more, sapio365 doesn’t require coding – just point and click to explore the intricacies of SharePoint structures and data.

At Ytria we provide a service that is unparalleled to our competition, we are there every step of the way for you and your team to help with the compliance of the software within you day to day. Choose Ytria’s sapio365 to make your job and that of your employees easier.

Access to unparalleled productivity and compliance for you and your team with sapio365

Gain 360-degree visibility for SharePoint online sites

See all site collections, sites, document libraries, and file permissions—centralized, in only a few clicks. Turn what you see into a report, instantly. The information and documentation acquired with sapio365’s auditing of SharePoint sites will allow for thorough and final job delivery.

Accelerate the management of your SharePoint audit workflow

Wrangle even the most complex SharePoint site audit task into a clear and detailed report in only a few clicks. No PowerShell needed, which means less time spent scripting and testing your work.

sapio365 enables you to automate common administration jobs

sapio365 comes with a selection of SharePoint audit scenarios—such as finding sites with shared files, anonymous sharing, or org-wide file queries--pre-programmed for you. This feature with sapio365 will allow you and your team to save substantial amounts of time and energy. In addition, delegation of tasks amongst different departments and levels of understanding has never been easier creating strong workplace compliance.

Ensure file and document sharing best practices throughout your organization

With full visibility into the document libraries and sharing information, you can help ensure best practices, keeping collaboration smooth and security risks low. Reinforce policies and company security amongst employees through cognitive learning. With more visibility you can manage site activity to decrease data leaks or office mishaps. Knowing who has access to what will increase problem solving positively.

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sapio365 makes our life easier!

With sapio365, I bring my cloud and on-premises accounts together in one place. I no longer have to search for them in one tool and then another – it really helps to avoid errors and problems. sapio365 makes our life easier!

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With sapio365’s SharePoint site auditing access you get better visibility without any code, including…


Basic SharePoint Information

  • Site names and descriptions
  • Site creation and modification dates
  • Site URLs
  • Data locations
  • Host tenant names

Site List Information

  • List descriptions, URLs, privacy, etc.
  • List items
  • SharePoint IDs
  • Parent reference IDs and metadata
  • System list information

List Item and Columns Information

  • Basic column information
  • Column setup properties
  • Item names, descriptions, and IDs
  • Item creation and modification dates
  • Last access information (device, application, etc.)

And that’s only the beginning.
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