Microsoft Office 365 User Activity Report – Enhanced Activity Reports for a Clear Overview of your Microsoft 365 User Activity

Usage reports are essential to measuring adoption, engagement, and in some cases productivity. sapio365 gives you enhanced usage activity reports in mere clicks. From OneDrive and SharePoint activity to Teams user activity, to Yammer and Skype for Business activity, detailed usage reports are yours, fast.


Unlike the reports available in the native tools, sapio365’s usage activity reporting functionality takes advantage of the FlexyView grid’s ability to organize and clarify date to give you a wide range of reporting options. Add in extra information to your report in only a couple clicks, for reporting that goes beyond the traditional scope.

From the moment you open sapio365, you know that your tenant data is within reach fast. Microsoft 365 usage reports have never been this easy, or this in-depth. No coding in sight.

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Microsoft Office 365 User Activity Report

Unparalleled productivity for you and your team with sapio365’s activity and performance reports

Gain 360-degree visibility

Increasing the visibility of its users is at the center of sapio365, and its reporting feature is the perfect tool to achieve the 360-degree visibility you are looking for. See a full view of all tenant data, from a high-level overview to a deep dive—all in one place and at an unmatched scale. With full visibility through reports, users are able to identify which aspects of the company are working efficiently and which are not. Using these reports, changes can be made to improve the situation. A 360-degree visibility on reporting allows organizations to find issues faster and accelerate the process of problem-solving on Microsoft 365.

Easy management using preset usage report configurations

sapio365 gives you a range of preset usage reports to choose from to view and export as is, or to enhance! This allows for a strong report structure, to which companies can add according to their specific activity and key performance indicators. Using sapio365 for your activity report management allows you to configure the reports to focus on the aspects that matter the most. Choose the content you want to see within your reports by adding in comments, extra property information, and more.

Clarify your administration workflow in clicks, not code

Call up all data and explore it fast thanks to the FlexyView grid’s various built-in analysis tools. No PowerShell needed. Simplicity and efficiency are crucial for reports, and removing the coding portion leads to significant economies of time for its user and better administration workflow. Ensure your activity reports provide accurate and useful information with sapio365.

Quickly craft detailed reports of your tenant’s data and activities

With sapio365’s FlexyView grid, what you see is what you get in terms of reporting. Simply copy and paste directly from the UI, or export data to charts, spreadsheets, HTML, or CSV.

Email activity reports

Considering the usual high volume of emails found in businesses, it can be difficult to keep track of the important ones in Microsoft 365. sapio365 is able to create and view email activity reports to monitor user emails and mailbox usage. Access these reports on your mobile device.

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With sapio365, I bring my cloud and on-premises accounts together in one place. I no longer have to search for them in one tool and then another – it really helps to avoid errors and problems. sapio365 makes our life easier!

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Better manage your Microsoft 365 data by leveraging preset, augmented reporting configurations to quickly see…

OneDrive usage and activity

Teams device usage and user activity

Email client activity

Mailbox usage

Microsoft 365 activations, group activity, and active users

SharePoint activity and site usage

Skype for Business activity and device usage

Yammer device usage and group activity

And that’s only the beginning.
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