The most thorough management platform to handle all aspects of user administration in Microsoft 365

Whether you need to onboard new users, offboard those who have moved on to new challenges, or simply keep up with the daily tasks that come with user account management in Microsoft 365, sapio365 is your central one-stop platform.

Get full, 360-degree visibility to ensure that user accounts are set up how they need to be so effective and secure collaboration can take place. It has never been so easy to manage user accounts in your hybrid or cloud Microsoft 365 environment. Aspects such as memberships, licenses, OneDrive files, messages, calendars, and more are all available at scale in one central UI.

Don’t let the potential that Microsoft 365 offers your organization in terms of collaboration and productivity be hampered by misconfigured user accounts: manage them faster, easier, and more thoroughly with sapio365.

Create actionable reports

Edit settings directly–what you see is what you get.
Read-only properties included.
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A sure-fire productivity boost for user administration thanks to sapio365

Gain 360-degree visibility for user accounts

See a full view of all user properties, their OneDrive files, memberships, mailboxes, and calendars from any angle you want. View everything from the overview to the drill down, easily.

Automate common user administration jobs

sapio365 comes with a full range of user administration scenarios—such as seeing which users are guests, what service plans are assigned, and more—pre-programmed for you.

Skip the coding to accelerate your user account management workflow

Do even the most complex user administration tasks in only a few clicks. No PowerShell needed.

Ensure secure organizational collaboration

Make sure that users’ group memberships and file access permissions are accurate for a seamless collaboration environment. And with the ability to drill down into users’ OneDrive file properties and sharing history, you can know if file sharing practices are secure.

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Handle all aspects of user management at scale with total visibility, including…

User Account Information

  • User/job profile information
  • Geographical data
  • Organization hierarchy properties
  • Consent policy settings
  • Password policy settings
  • Personal contact

Mailbox Settings

  • Forwarding address settings
  • Time and date settings
  • Automatic reply settings
  • Archive folder properties
  • Meeting hour settings
  • Inbox rules

On-Premise User Account Information

  • On-premise distinguished names
  • Sync information
  • Domain name information
  • Security IDs
  • Provisioning error information
  • SAM Account names

And that’s only the beginning.

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OneDrive File

Mail and Calendar