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Ytria health-check masterclass

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The ultimate guide to verifying the integrity of your domino environment

The importance of maintaining a clean and efficient Domino environment has never been more apparent. Or has it? Whether it's about security, storage, or agent, signature, and group management, what you don’t know could hurt you.

Fortunately, Ytria's EZ Suite is packed full of hundreds of features that combine to take environment health checks to a whole new level. But knowing what to use, and where, can be a real challenge.

In this fast-paced webinar, we'll cover a range of issues—from the simple to the sinister—that you can use the EZ Suite tools to look for, to really get a global vision of your Domino environment's health.

Learn how you can use Ytria's EZ Suite tools to uncover and verify a wide range of aspects in your environment, including:

  • Security scenarios related to ACL setup, Administration Server settings, Effective Access trends on a large scale, HTTP password settings, etc.
  • Overlooked Group and Membership problems such as incompatible subgroups, groups with irrelevant members, the tough task of understanding overall group membership structure, and more.
  • Replication situations that involve databases that should have replicated but didn't, replicas that are out of sync, replication integrity problems causing inconsistency of content and agents and ACLs, etc.
  • Usage activity trends that could only be discovered by aggregating data about what apps are used and by whom, the amount of data they consume, and why.
  • Overall database health indicators such as old ODS versions, space used, security, performance, or storage settings that don't follow your policy, and more.

Any one of these issues on a large scale can present some tricky situations. This webinar gives you the checklist and the steps to take to ensure that your environment is in the best place it can be.

Time-Stamped outline

Introduction (02:35)

Security resiliency level (09:45)

ACL audit & fixes (aclEZ)(11:20)

Effective access(17:15)

NAB Group membership management(21:40)

ACL change history (23:50)

Person document & HTTP Password audit (scanEZ) (25:00)

Agent security (agentEZ) (29:00)

Replication integrity (30:40)

Replication landscape (replicationEZ) (31:25)

Find and get rid of duplicates (33:30)

One-click replication consistency analysis (replicationEZ, scanEZ)(35:15)

Replication settings (clustering, connection documents, formulas) (39:00)

Clutter reduction (42:00)

Automatic NAB Presence checking (aclEZ) (42:45)

Ensure up-to-date group membership (44:50)

Irrelevant mail files (46:55)

Signatures (agentEZ, signEZ) (48:05)

Database administration & management (52:00)

Administration settings (Admin server, etc…) (databaseEZ) (52:40)

ODS version (54:10)

Space-used percentage and storage optimization (55:50)

Usage activity analysis (57:45)

Quotas (59:05)

DAOS (59:50)

Agent runtimes and logs (agentEZ) (1:01:20)

Day to day tasks (1:03:10)

Consoles, commands, log analysis, usage patterns (consoleEZ) (1:03:35)

Discovering conflicts and resolving them (scanEZ, replicationEZ) (1:08:10)

Database issues, document analysis and more (agentEZ, databaseEZ) (10:09:55)