Introducing consoleEZ

00:37:55 MIN

The command center for multiple IBM Domino consoles

Your Domino servers are constantly talking (sometimes shouting) to you, but do you really have the means to listen? Unfortunately, relying on the native IBM console only lets you access one server at a time. Even then it’s hard to find what you’re looking for since events like mail routing and replication tend to eat up your console space.

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Ytria’s consoleEZ lends you an ear to the ground (with selective hearing too!) when it comes to all your servers

It’s the newest addition to the EZ Suite of software tools for IBM Notes and Domino administrators and developers, and it will change your relationship with your servers. With access to multiple consoles in one place, you can monitor what’s going on with a global dashboard, various filters and log analyzers, and even send out commands.

Time-Stamped outline

Agenda & Introduction (00:00)

Consoles (02:07)

  • Opening and arranging consoles (04:00)
  • Filters (06:35)
  • Server Interaction (09:28)
  • Dashboard (11:15)
  • Server tasks (14:00)
  • Statistics (14:35)

Log Analyzer (16:00)

  • Single Log (17:09)
  • Multiple Logs (21:56)
  • Pivot Tables (24:00)

Volume Analyzer (27:02)

  • Usage Analysis (27:46)
  • Replication Analysis (32:35)
  • Passthru connections (35.55)

EZ Suite

See just how much faster and more fluid your HCL Notes and Domino administration and development can be.