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What's new in EZ suite 10.5

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This presentation highlights some of the more significant changes in the EZ 10.5 updates, but you can click here to see the complete version history (including the bug fixes and enhancements included in the EZ Suite 10.5.1 updates). Click on each section to obtain further details.

Outline of presentation

What's new in all products?

Column freezing in grid-type windows

‘Sort groupings by count’ in grid windows

More user-friendly change logging capabilities

Enhanced status feedback in grid windows

Convenient access to recently used servers and databases

What's new in databaseEZ 10.5?

New database properties available for analysis

Tighter integration with designPropEZ

New console command options

Added ‘never replicate’ flag

Dynamic property editing dialogs

Clear replication histories for many databases at once

Copy databases via right-click menu

More interface enhancements and convenient features

What's new in scanEZ 10.5?

Launch scanEZ by URL

New Document Analyzer search options

New ‘My Selection’ virtual folder functionalities

Improved Note Info panel

New scanEZ XML saved selection support

What's new in aclEZ 10.5?

New filters for easier NAB management

Export ‘tree view’ of NAB groups

Support for Multiple NABs

Additional information in Global ACL Properties panel

What's new in agentEZ 10.5?

Customizable agent timeline chart image exportation

Save and restore key agent settings

See agent comments in the grid

What's new in viewEZ 10.5?

All new View properties grid