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What's new in EZ Suite 12.1?

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A major software release webcast

Building upon the already impressive list of features included in the v12 release, EZ Suite 12.1 offers you a multitude of feature additions and performance upgrades* covering the entire product line. In this webcast, we take you through some of the most important improvements that you will find in version 12.1.

From overall EZ Suite improvements such as better ID switching and new Grid Export options, to a multitude of product-specific enhancements, you'll love EZ Suite 12.1. Check it out!

Time-Stamped outline

Agenda & Introduction (0:00)

New and improved in all the tools (2:30)

Enhanced server selection dialog (3:32)

Improved loading process in server tools (5:42)

Better switching between ID files (7:32)

New Grid Export options (10:07)

Product specific improvements (13:49)

aclEZ (14:00)

New tool for finding users that don't belong to any groups (16:57)

Additional saving options (18:14)

databaseEZ (19:56)

Local encryption management (20:45)

consoleEZ (27:07)

Loading backdated events when opening Server Bridge (28:07)

Faster recent Regex filter selection (30:47)

scanEZ (33:17)

Manage fields with spaces in their names (34:14)

Find and fix “32k error” afflicted documents (35:33)

Recap (39:44)

Next release - Major improvements on the horizon (41:00)

* Most feature additions and improvements are only available in the full version software.