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What's new in EZ Suite 16?

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The most significant leap forward in the history of EZ Suite

A new era for Ytria's EZ Suite has begun with EZ Suite 16. Offering advancements that range from the introduction of the flexYgrid—a core engine and interface rebuild that brings you better processing speed and loading capacity, as well as built-in analysis tools—to various product-specific function additions and enhancements, EZ Suite 16 is the most significant leap forward in the history of Ytria's essential administration and development toolkit. In this webcast we'll walk you through an overview of EZ Suite 16's powerful new features and give you a look at how they can solve some of the toughest admin and dev dilemmas.

Time-Stamped outline

Agenda (1:30)

Overview of EZSuite 16 and the flexYgrid (3:43)

Speed (5:43)

Customer example 4000 databases

Grid Manager—managing the flexYgrid (8:47)

Built-in analytics tools (17:32)

Pivot table example – ODS version, creation date, and document count in databaseEZ (18:25)

Data comparator

Example of a basic comparison (databaseEZ shown)(22:50)

Example of a data family comparison (aclEZ shown) (27:31)

Example of a server document comparison (scanEZ shown)(30:36)

flexYgrid navigation (aclEZ shown)(34:02)

Navigating between categories (36:26)

Disengaging selection cursor (36:57)

Exporting selected columns (38:15)

Brand new filters (38:37)

Sorting by totals (39:46)

Setting grouping/totals color (40:54)

Adding annotation columns (41:25)

Multi-level reset options (43:32)

Product specific features and improvements (46:51)

scanEZ (46:51)

Additional item values & properties for displayed selection tree titles (48:30)

Move/copy documents to multiple databases while keeping folder structure (51:42)

Example of restoring databases (55:00)

Parent/response hierarchy management (53:00)

Direct local encryption (54:03)

aclEZ (57:45)

Effective access calculator (58:28)

Search & Replace for group members (1:03:44)

databaseEZ (1:04:55)

Performance improvements (1:05:13)

New console commands helper (1:05:40)

Direct DBMT server task command (1:06:21)

viewEZ (1:07:00)

New 'open current view/folder' option (1:07:00)

Other products (1:08:04)

Delete replicas directly (replicationEZ)

Search paused consoles (consoleEZ)

Audit and update designs (designPropEZ)

New rename agent function and catalog compatibility (agentEZ)

Automation (1:12:15)

Example of looking for large attachments (1:14:20)