Boost your admin productivity with these great new features from sapio365!

We’re happy to announce that the latest version of sapio365 is here and it includes some major improvements. Version 2.2.1 will take your productivity levels to a new high with features that help you get your IT tasks done in less time and with less effort.

Better security, connectivity and flexibility

Our latest features include more security settings for sapio365 applications and RBAC credentials. We’ve also provided improved connectivity through Partner Access and enhanced collaboration through shared views.

These latest features include a brand-new model for managing Service Principals, more user attributes that you can manage, such as Custom Security Attributes, the ability to see and remove Teams that have access to Teams shared channels or to invite external users to Teams shared channels.

How about more installation options that empower you to run sapio365 in a multi-user environment or even to install sapio365 using your application deployment solution? Yes, they’re part of sapio365 version 2.2.1. And because there’s always room for more user properties, you can now see and edit properties such as mailbox quotas, password expiration dates, and more.

More automated jobs

For those of you who love automation, we’ve got new jobs that allow you to add or remove access to SharePoint sites, compare members of different groups, schedule reports based on usage report views, and many more.

You can learn about all the newest features in detail right here:

What’s new in the latest version.

If it’s been a while since you last used sapio365, now’s the time to try it again! You’ll be amazed with all the ways sapio365 helps boost your productivity.

Eric Houvenaghel

Eric’s passion is solving problems. It’s why he founded his company Ytria – so he could solve problems people had that they didn't even realize they had. With over 2 decades of experience as a software developer, Eric honed his expertise by crafting innovative solutions tailored to the needs of IT teams in both Microsoft 365 and Notes/Domino environments.

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