Say hello to the latest version of sapio365!

We are very excited to share the new features in sapio365 version 2.1.10 with our community of users. This latest batch of features have been developed to help you gain better control of your Microsoft 365 environment. There’s a lot to discover so we’ll share a few highlights.

For easy connection, you can now create an App session in sapio365 by connecting to your tenant via a dedicated application. Using this new session type, you won’t need MFA authentication. Since this a registered application in your Azure Active Directory, you can remove or downgrade permissions to control how the application is used with sapio365. You’ll need to obtain a global admin’s consent.

In this latest version, collaboration has never been easier. You can start collaborating in sapio365 using your own SQL server. For example, you can share comments in sapio365 with your colleagues. You no longer have to set up a Cosmos DB subscription on Azure for the collaboration.

sapio365 has always been about visibility and this version of sapio365 also gives you even more. You’ll be able to see a complete list of all registered devices and their properties. We’ve given you the ability to see users’ hidden mailbox folders, and to see and update mailbox recipient limits.

You’ll also be able to audit, report or archive personal chats.  With the new ‘Chats’ submodule, finding important information is now easier because you’ll be able to list your users’ (and guests’) one-to-one, one-to-many and meeting chats as well as the list of participants. You can even see if the chats are external. From there, you can dig deeper by retrieving all the individual messages in selected chats.

sapio365 has always been about automating the routine tasks that IT admins have to do regularly so we’ve added a lot of automated jobs to the Jobs library. Our brand-new automated tasks include tackling proxy addresses in the cloud and on-premises, moving on-prem groups to another organizational unit, and overwriting the on-prem list of aliases and proxy addresses by those in the cloud. Plus, we’ve added more options in the popular user onboarding and offboarding automation. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there are many, many more.

Our team works hard to include features that you’ve asked for as well as features we think will help you get over the hurdles you face as an IT admin. Of course, there are too many to list here so we invite you to learn about them all here: What’s new in the latest version. You’ll find detailed explanations and screenshots for each new feature in version 2.1.10.

Been a while since you last tried sapio365? Why not try it again? You can’t begin to imagine all the ways sapio365 can help you with your Microsoft 365 administration, from providing global visibility and proactive problem tracking abilities to allowing you to preview your bulk changes.