Get a handle on replication in your IBM Notes and Domino environment

Understand and manage all aspects of replication through one easy-to-use, central workstation.

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Image of replicationEZ's main grid and replication history chart.

Easily see, map, and manage database replication across your entire environment, all from one place.

replicationEZ gives you unmatched replication management abilities: from parsing all databases and their replicas across multiple servers to mass-auditing replication discrepancies, to comparing properties, ACLs, selective replication formulas and more, so you can truly know what is going on in your environment.

All this without ever having to open your Administrator client.

Skip the coding. We've got you covered!

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Complete data visibility

Find problems and overall tendencies in properties and settings that would normally go unnoticed, thanks to the ability to see everything in one place.

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Powerful built-in analytics

Perform a wide range of analysis operations on your data thanks to built-in data manipulation tools such as category groupings, sorting, and filters.

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Large-scale edit functions

Use mass-editing capabilities, exclusive edit functionality, and more to solve any problems you may find on a large scale—without losing the big picture.

Just sayin’: I love @Ytria You make my AdminLife easier nearly every day. Thank you! #GreatTool #Ytria

— @weschgi

Everything about database replication, visible and easy to manage

replicationEZ gives you a central access point to everything dealing with replication so you can manage the entire situation without any guesswork. See over 80 properties for all databases on a server AND all their replicas across your entire environment, all in one place. Get visual replication history charts (a problem solver in iself). Seek out replicas from a given database. Clear replication histories. Manage connection documents. Analyze clusters. And on and on... without ever having to interrupt your Notes session.

A complete map of your IBM Domino replication landscape

See your entire replication landscape—all databases and their replicas—in one place so you really know what is going on.
You can even scan your network for all replicas of a given database.

A complete map of your IBM Domino replication landscape

Image of replicationEZ's main grid, grid manager, and replication history chart.

Multi-angle replication analysis

Focused image of replicationEZ's replication history tools.

Multi-angle replication analysis

Approach replica analysis from a variety of perspectives, according to what you know and what you need to find out.

Rectify replication issues

Repair a wide variety of replication issues from clearing replication history, to dealing with replication formulas. Establish a reliable, one-stop protocol to find and fix problems.

Rectify replication issues

Image of replicationEZ's main grid and cluster analyzer showing inconsistencies found among replicas.

Effortless upkeep for your replication architecture

Image of replicationEZ's Connection Analyzer grid and chart.

Effortless upkeep for your replication architecture

Explore and maintain the inner workings of your replication architecture such as clusters and connection documents to ensure that your environment stays working as it should.

Fast data reporting and extensive process automation

Report your results fast through easy exports, and expand your processes through powerful automation functions.

Fast data reporting and extensive process automation

Image of replicationEZ's main grid, automation console, and a data export.

Local installation, far-reaching power

Image of replicationEZ's main grid and Choose Servers dialog.

Local installation, far-reaching power

Installed on the client side only, replicationEZ is completely independent from your Notes client. Because of this, replicationEZ offers you speed and power, and independence that just isn't possible with any native solution.