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A complete map of your IBM Domino replication landscape

With replication being such a core aspect of the IBM Notes and Domino platform, it's surprising that the native tools don't make it easier for you to get a handle on the "big picture." Workflow is limited to cross-checking between static lists and dialog boxes.

replicationEZ is a game changer, letting you see a global replication snapshot—including a graphical chart of your replication topology, and up to 80 different properties—across multiple servers all at once.

Approach your analyses from the angle that best suits your task: zoom in on any problems from the larger context, or perform a forensic analysis directly concentrating on a suspected problem database.

Oversee the entirety of your replication situation from multiple angles—all from one central interface.

View your entire replication situation

View your entire replication situation

See the entire picture of your replication situation—all at once—including all databases and their replicas across multiple servers.

Map replication in a couple of clicks

Map replication in a couple of clicks

See a visual chart of a database's replication history—including all relationships between all replication nodes.

Easily perform advanced replication forensics

Easily perform advanced replication forensics

Take a forensic approach to discover all replicas of a given database across your entire network.

An Exclusive Snapshot of Your Replication Landscape

View your entire replication situation

How well do you understand your environment's replication situation? Which databases are replicating where ... and when? The native IBM Domino Administrator client just doesn't provide you with the proper tools to answer important questions like these.

replicationEZ gives you the most complete snapshot of your replication landscape available. See all databases and their replicas across multiple servers in one flexible, central interface for unequalled insight into your complete replication status.

Get a comprehensive overview of what is replicating, and where.

Establishing the big picture of your entire replication situation was extremely tedious—if not downright impossible. replicationEZ changes all of that.

Quantify replica and duplicate presence on servers

See a breakdown explaining the quantity of replicas you have on each server, and which databases those servers have in common. Uncover duplicate replicas instantly, and pinpoint where replicas are missing.

Create replicas directly

Create replicas on one or multiple servers, clear replication histories, initiate replication through console commands, and more, all directly from the main grid

See all replication histories

View replication histories from multiple databases and all of their replicas in one central place to gain a better understanding of your global replication status.

Compare replica contents

Find problems by comparing replica contents—such as the number of documents, designs, ACL entries, or agents—across as many databases as you like.

Explore suspect databases for replication problems

Zoom in on databases suspected to have replication problems and further analyze them using a variety of forensic options.

Get a global snapshot of replication.

replicationEZ's Create Replica feature offering to choose which server to create replica stubs on
Use #53

Identify databases that haven’t been replicated, by way of a global replication snapshot.

See the number of replicas per database and what servers they are on, the number of unique databases on a given server, and more. If you find certain databases haven't replicated but should have, create replicas in only a couple of clicks!

Use #21

Identify duplicate replicas that still have replication enabled.

Don't fret over the possibility of duplicate replicas—an issue in most every Domino environment. Isolate them across multiple servers in only a couple of clicks. You have all the tools you need to fix them right in replicationEZ.

replicationEZ's Selected Databases grid indicating duplicate replicas and offering options to edit replication properties
Visualizing Replication Histories Better

Map replication in only a couple clicks

The replication history is an important starting point for exploring replication problems. But the analysis options in the native Notes tools makes it difficult to find answers to what should be pretty straightforward questions: when has a database replicated, and to where? Well, traditionally that is harder to answer than it seems.

Along with letting you display the histories of multiple databases at once, as well as clear them simultaneously, replicationEZ also lets you instantly display a full chart of a given database's replication history, showing all relationships between nodes in one place.

Understand replication disorders quickly through a visual representation of replication history.

Whether you're taking proactive measures, or trying to hunt down a suspected replication problem, this chart is a game changer.

Confirm replication activity through an all-encompassing replication history data chart. Instantly reveal if any replication nodes aren't functioning as they should.

Chart entire replication histories easily

Retrieve a complete visual chart of the replication history of a given database in just a couple of clicks. Set your chart up however you like, for a variety of different insights.

Automate chart creation

Generate charts for multiple databases quickly using the Ytria automation features.

Export your charts to images

Reveal the vast majority of replication issues in only a few clicks.

replicationEZ's Replication History Chart showing the replication history for one database and two replicas
Use #32

Quickly understand the reason behind inconsistent replicas by visualizing their replication histories.

Confirm replication activity through an all-encompassing replication history data chart. Reveal if any replication nodes aren't functioning as they should instantly.

Enhanced Replication Forensics

Easily perform advanced replication forensics

Suspect that a database is having replication problems? replicationEZ brings replication forensics to a brand-new level. Gone are the limited Notes dialog boxes that render your session inoperable and stop workflow for the duration of your search. Drill down from a complete snapshot of your replication situation into a deep-dive exploration of any replication issues you may find—with all the tools you need to fix them right at your fingertips.

See replication status and diagnose issues for individual databases, all in only a few clicks.

When you're tracking down a replication problem, you want to get to the source fast. Step up your replication forensics with replicationEZ.

Find replicas quickly

Discover all replicas of a given database across multiple servers, and get a detailed readout of their replication properties.

See how and when a database has replicated

View all replication history entries in a flexYgrid-enabled interface for easy data manipulation, as well as in a graphical replication history chart.

Confirm replica content consistency

Compare contents across replicas. See the number of documents and designs—even different classes of designs such as replication formula notes and deletion stubs.

Work with low-level replication paths

Track notes, and compare ACLs or agents across replicas; analyze and modify replication settings and selective replication formulas; and more.

Manage histories and more

Clear replication histories, re-replicate databases, copy ACLs across replicas, and more in only a few clicks.

Work better by having the full replication context.

replicationEZ's Discover Replicas Chart along with the Console Commands tool
Use #26

Discover how the Domino Directory has replicated throughout your environment.

Proper replication of the Domino Names and Address Book is crucial. replicationEZ lets you find out everything regarding its replication across all servers. See where and when it replicated, as well as any potential ACL, agent, or design inconsistencies. Fix any problems found directly from replicationEZ.

Use #14

Ensure replication integrity across all replicas of a database by comparing contents and identifying discrepancies.

It's key to verify that your replicas are in sync. And with the ability to get a map of your replication landscape, as well as discover replicas of any given database, it's only a couple of clicks to get from discovery to a full analysis of replica contents (documents, designs, and even different design classes and deletion stubs).

replicationEZ's Note Counters option dialog and the Note counters grid showing the different document counts between replicas