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Version History

"Now this [consoleEZ] is just what the doctor ordered for IBM Notes/Domino!"


Bruce Elgort, President & CEO at Elguji Software

consoleEZ version history

consoleEZ 16.5.3

Released on July 24, 2017

  • Fixed - Restored compatibility for select date/time format options in Excel exports.

consoleEZ 16.5.2

Released on July 5, 2017

  • New - Automation tag functions have been expanded to include the following tags: StopAutomation
  • Fixed – Compatibility with CIAO! has been restored.
  • Fixed - Various stability fixes and enhancements have been implemented.

consoleEZ 16.5.1

Released on April 7, 2017

  • New – Date filters in flexYgrid columns now contain new date selection picker module.
  • New – NAB group and name exploration/selection panels ('Names') now offer additional information columns: 'Full Name', 'NoteID', and 'NAB Filename'.
  • New – 'Export to File' feature now provides a default file name when exporting to any format.
  • Fixed – Improvements to the EZ Suite installation database and process execution fix installation problems in which some users were unable to install due to target folder restrictions.
  • Fixed - Stability enhancements have been added in the Ytria Update utility.
  • Fixed – The latest LibXL architecture has been implemented for Excel file export.
  • Fixed – flexYgrid panels have gotten general stability enhancements.
  • Fixed – Various bug fixes in grid-data Copy (specifically Ctrl + C command) functions were made to remedy the following issues:
  • Erroneous text was displayed ("Exporting selection to file...") in progress dialog when using Ctrl+C in a grid with many rows selected.
  • A memory limitation problem was encountered using Ctrl+C to copy HTML parts to the clipboard.
  • Fixed – An issue that occurred when exporting or copying grid data to HTML format resulted in settings of ' X ' for checked checkbox cells being returned as corrupt.
  • Fixed/New - Automation tag function fixes have been made for the following tags:
  • List and Loop
  • SetVar
  • ShellExecute (in loop)
  • FilePath
  • EditEntries
  • CopyMoveDocsToDbs
  • CopyItems
  • CreateItem
  • Fixed – Various minor issues with Group and Sort actions on group totals within flexYgrid panels have been corrected.
  • Fixed – An issue with the grid status bar summary information incorrectly showing group header row counts has been fixed.
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consoleEZ 16.5.0

Released on November 2, 2016

  • New - Pause "live" grids to activate all "static" grid capabilities.
  • Improved - View detailed error logs for multiple servers at once


  • New – 'Create Automation List from Selection' feature allows quick automation list building.
  • New - Automation Console, with configurable detail level, lets you see real-time progress of script processing.
  • New – Macro recorder lets you record and play XML macros (based on the Ytria Automation tag language) of your actions.
  • Improved – Expanded automation tag library. See the full catalog of command tags in our Help section.
  • Improved – Expanded bridges between EZ Suite tools now include the ability to launch scripts using other tools on current selections.


  • New – Group/Ungroup toolbar buttons quicken working with data categorization.
  • New – Hide/Unhide right-click menu options provide easier and safer method for hiding grid columns.
  • New – Grid status bar now provides global stats for number of entries loaded, shown, hidden, and selected, as well as the number of groups present.
  • New – 'Display all filtered and manually hidden rows' feature added for better contextual visibility.
  • New – 'Suspend Grid Redraw' feature lets you put certain grid processes on standby during grid set up. - New – Resetting grid configuration now requires confirmation.
  • New – 'Cutoff-Date/Time Filters' let you view information from a set time range back from the present time.
  • Improved – 'Append Rows' now detects and merges data under matching column headers during export.
  • Improved – Group/Sort operations now keep selection focus intact.
  • Improved – 'Find First' search function now automatically focuses on found entry.
  • Improved – Multiple column filters can now be combined on any given column.
  • Improved – Filters now use true backend values instead of formatted, displayed value.
  • Improved – Group zone is now scrollable to allow complete visibility for high-level of groupings.
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consoleEZ 16.0.0

Released on April 28, 2016

  • New – Full-text searches can now be performed on paused consoles.
  • New – flexYgrid data scanning and display engine increases data parsing ability and handling capacity over the legacy EZ Suite interface.
  • New – flexYgrid navigation options allow for better searching, selection, and more.
  • Improved – Sort functions for groups and columns are now independent. Group functions now include the ability to calculate Count, Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum, and even Delta values in Group entries, who are themselves independently sortable.
  • New – Context-based filter menus only display the types of filters that will work on that type of data.
  • New – Multi-strength reset capabilities let you step back through filtering/formatting operations towards default settings, even to factor default configurations.
  • Improved – The 'Values' filet has been revamped to offer an easy-to-use dialog with search capabilities. - New – Multi-type columns allow many possibilities to custom data formatting options.
  • Improved – Better export functions include one-click toolbar access, a more logical layout, and improved interactivity with export preferences.
  • New – Annotation columns let you add you own comments and temporary data points to data grids. - New – Save pre-set grid configurations.
  • New – Quick access toolbar allows direct access to all major grid functions.
  • New – Grid Manager complete grid configuration controller gives you a central place to control all grid preferences.
  • New – Built in tool lets you create pivot tables on the fly, directly in the grid.
  • New – Patent pending Data Comparator tool offers a new way to conduct data comparisons within a grid.


  • Improved – The Ytria API has been expanded extensively to include all flexYgrid functions.
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consoleEZ 12.1

Released on May 28, 2015

  • New -Open Server dialog: Option to save server names in Notes.ini for future reference, as well as manage the list.
  • Fixed - Now you can Switch ID or use Full Admin Access after trying to open a database without the proper access rights; single-database products (like scanEZ) will re-open the database, server products (like aclEZ) will keep the database in the tree to re-open.
  • Improved -Select a Server dialog: Better management of the 'Other & list Servers from Passthru Connexion' documents.
  • New - Now you can specify folders to load when selecting a target server to open in the tool, so no need to load them all. You can add folders as well as save a list of folders to re-use (saved in the file YtriaServerFoldersList.txt).
  • NEW - Contextual menu: Right-clicking on the console toolbar's Filter button lets you quickly select among your previously used regex text filters.
  • Fixed - Corrected some menu terms.
  • Fixed - Log Analyzers: The grid had a rebuilding issue when changing date/ time range on an existing report.
  • Fixed - Volume Analyzer: Passthru Connections Date was not handled as a date, so the format was not working was not handled correctly.
  • Fixed - Now opens only one dialog for 'Server Tasks' per server; was opening one dialog per console.
  • Fixed - Dashboard: Open Server Tasks / Server Statistics dialogs for ALL servers currently selected in the dashboard.
  • Fixed - Dashboard: The Log Analyzer can now be opened from the Dashboard, even if there are no errors logged yet.
  • Fixed - Log Analyzer Options dialog was not initialized properly when reopened; some terms were missing.
  • Fixed - Dashboard: Upon 'reset', it was not resetting the first error date.
  • Fixed - All commands sent to the server are now logged in the Modification Log Database.
  • New - Vastly improved version of the Modification Log template.
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consoleEZ 12.0.6

Released on October 1, 2014

  • Fixed bug: Show proper Notes version for ODS 52.
  • Fixed bug: Export in Excel from grid with grouping.
  • Fixed bug: Handling numbers with decimals.
  • New: "Append" and "Add Non-Contiguous" options in export (also available through Automation).

consoleEZ 12.0.5

Released on July 22, 2014

  • Switch ID and Full Admin Access improved - now uses saved password.
  • Improved: Pivot setup - Sub Total for Rows and Columns. Previously was columns only.
  • Improved: 'Change Settings' dialog now retains settings for date/time(for Log/Volume analyzers) and regex filters(for Log) when opened. Previously some settings were not properly displayed.
  • Fixed: Help link now appears in Preferences dialog.
  • New: Added 'Backdated Events' option in Preferences.
  • New: Added notification in console when 'Max lines to display' is reached.
  • New: All consoles on a given server now refer to the same history. (Previously, each console referred to its own history). Therefore all new consoles on an existing server begin at the time of the first opened console.
  • Fixed: Console Filters -Severity filters are now displayed in the correct order in multi-consoles filter settings. Previously, Warning (low) ad Warning(high) checkboxes were inverted.
  • Fixed: Console Filters - Category filters are now displayed in the correct order in multi-consoles filter settings.
  • Fixed: When several consoles were opened on one server, clicking on Tasks or Stat in Dashboard was opening as many instances. Now only a single instance will be opened for each request.
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aclEZ 12.0.1

Released on April 4, 2014


consoleEZ 12.0

Released on June 25, 2014

Initial Release.