EZ Suite 20.0.3

October 20 2020

All Products

  • Fixed – process for offline registration & license activation – VM environments no longer need to redo the process every day
  • Fixed – The key depository system:
  1. License errors were not displayed for licenses in cases involving the key depository
  2. Not able to choose Offline option with the key depository
  • Improved – YtriaUpdate is now prevented from crashing during proxy settings test
  • Improved – Changed crm.ytria.net URL to crm.ytria.com
  • Improved – Optimized the Proxy Settings dialog



  • Fixed – Column Format Options: display option ‘Abbreviate Canonical Name When Displaying..’



  • Fixed – command-line command failed to sign the note in a specific context



  • Fixed –  ‘Add any responses to My Selection’ with ‘Also include descendents…’ option was freezing scanEZ
  • Fixed – AddIns menu option: despite the correct .ini entry, the ‘Multi-Selection Installation’ option dialog incorrectly indicated that it was not installed.

EZ Suite 20.0.2

September 23 2020

All Products

  • Improved – Online registration process no longer runs unnecessary checks on every product launch
  • Fixed – Application would freeze during ‘Check for Updates’ process
  • Fixed – launch application launch by URL
  • Fixed – YtriaUpdate would fail to connect to server
  • Fixed – After exiting YtriaUpdate, it would fail to reopen the product from which it was launched (example scanEZ)
  • Fixed – The current session was not kept when opening one product from another. For example when using the option Re-open ‘as is’ in another scanEZ
  • Improved – Better handling of SwitchID between multiple products. No need to re-enter password multiple times
  • Improved – The About dialog is now bigger by default and resizable
  • Fixed – During offline registration process, cancelling the loading of offline certificate would display a ‘success’ dialog



  • Fixed – scanEZ would crash when trying to modify a document using the Modify item dialog
  • Fixed – Save MySelection option would fail to keep the recategorization
  • Fixed – Certain automation tags prevented results from being added to the tree selection, and could crash



  • Fixed – Dialog for User Activity Analyzer was displaying incorrectly and would freeze
  • Fixed – Edit ‘Full Text Index’ settings was allowed on all selected databases when only already indexed databases can be set



  • Fixed – Loading a design as template in ActionBar was not showing the new settings



  •  Fixed – ‘Copy Unread Table between replicas’ was missing some documents

EZ Suite 20.0.1

September 4 2020

All Products

  • Fixed – validation process did not correctly recognize single product licenses – prevented them from working
  • Fixed – problem when launching signEZ or scanEZ from Notes
  • Improved – license validation when launching product now much faster
  • Improved – dialog display of correct expiration date when enabling Lite version
  • Improved – more informative dialog displays if license type is Trial or Lite

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