EZ Suite 20.0.4

May 17 2021

General fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issues for offline license activation by clarifying labels and dialog content for ‘Enable offline usage’.
  • Fixed application freezing issue when clicking on ‘Export’ after having dragged and dropped a sub panel to open a new window.
  • Fixed automation issue for switching ID where if the selected ID file name was longer than the one stored in XML, then switching ID was not working. Also fixed an issue for recording automation where the password was not recorded.
  • Fixed focus shifting problem by adding a button in the toolbar, menu and ribbon which focuses on the next selection in grid.

FlexyView Grid

  • Fixed various number formatting issues. Now ‘number values’ uses the current Windows format (for example, the Values grid previously used the raw format by default ). Also fixed an issue with editing decimal numbers.
  • Fixed an issue in Values grid where the wrong date format was imposed.
  • Fixed a sorting issue where empty cells are now sorted after empty values.
  • Fixed the ‘Select using a csv or an Excel file’ option. It now uses the formatted data from Excel, instead of the raw value.
  • Improved the ‘Select using a csv or an Excel file’ to enable the user to see the hierarchy of columns in the mapping dialog. Also hidden columns are no longer shown by default.
  • Improved the ‘Select using a csv or an Excel file’ by adding 8 text matching criteria for each property column in the dialog. Your selection can now be more specific or broader.
  • Added automation for ‘Filter from file’ options.
  • Fixed an issue with temporary comments, where there would be a blank dialog box when creating or editing multiple temporary comments.
  • Improved temporary comments by adding a missing column reference button in the creation and edition dialog.


  • Fixed the issue with the filter ‘Empty Groups’ in the NAB Group Navigator, and issues with group explosions and member presence in the Nested Group Expansion. A full refactoring was done on the core of the NAB Group Navigator , the Group Members and the Nested Group Expansion.


    • Fixed an issue with the filter ‘Empty Groups’ in the NAB Group Navigator, and other issues with group explosions and member presence in the Nested Group Expansion. A full refactoring was done on the core of the NAB Group Navigator, Group Members and the Nested Group Expansion feature.
    • Fixed a regression of the Move/Copy documents feature which allows the recreation of the folder structure.
    • Fixed regression of the Document Analyzer not working in automation.
    • Fixed regression of the Formula Evaluation feature not showing errors when an error occurs.
    • Fixed an issue of the data in the exported XML file (using right-click menu) not matching the tree layout.
    • Fixed an issue of generated Automation files containing invalid tags.
    • Fixed regression of ‘Load selection from file’ error after saving using ‘Save current selection to file’.
    • Fixed automation of the Values feature which was getting stuck in an open dialog waiting for user input because the ‘setparam’ value was not provided.
    • Fixed a ‘Formula Evaluation’ issue where evaluation results of multivalues were not multivalues themselves.
    • Fixed ‘Save current selection to file’ feature where the full path of the tree was set in the XML. So if you want to move the file to another folder then you’ll need to edit the XML.
    • Improved handling of multivalues to clear up displayed grid data. Only one family of multivalues can now be exploded at a time and the currently exploded family is displayed in the grid status bar.


  • Improved the start-up of signEZ by making ‘remember my settings’ checked by default.

EZ Suite 20.0.3

October 20 2020

All Products

  • Fixed – process for offline registration & license activation – VM environments no longer need to redo the process every day
  • Fixed – The key depository system:
  1. License errors were not displayed for licenses in cases involving the key depository
  2. Not able to choose Offline option with the key depository
  • Improved – YtriaUpdate is now prevented from crashing during proxy settings test
  • Improved – Changed crm.ytria.net URL to crm.ytria.com
  • Improved – Optimized the Proxy Settings dialog



  • Fixed – Column Format Options: display option ‘Abbreviate Canonical Name When Displaying..’



  • Fixed – command-line command failed to sign the note in a specific context



  • Fixed –  ‘Add any responses to My Selection’ with ‘Also include descendents…’ option was freezing scanEZ
  • Fixed – AddIns menu option: despite the correct .ini entry, the ‘Multi-Selection Installation’ option dialog incorrectly indicated that it was not installed.

EZ Suite 20.0.2

September 23 2020

All Products

  • Improved – Online registration process no longer runs unnecessary checks on every product launch
  • Fixed – Application would freeze during ‘Check for Updates’ process
  • Fixed – launch application launch by URL
  • Fixed – YtriaUpdate would fail to connect to server
  • Fixed – After exiting YtriaUpdate, it would fail to reopen the product from which it was launched (example scanEZ)
  • Fixed – The current session was not kept when opening one product from another. For example when using the option Re-open ‘as is’ in another scanEZ
  • Improved – Better handling of SwitchID between multiple products. No need to re-enter password multiple times
  • Improved – The About dialog is now bigger by default and resizable
  • Fixed – During offline registration process, cancelling the loading of offline certificate would display a ‘success’ dialog



  • Fixed – scanEZ would crash when trying to modify a document using the Modify item dialog
  • Fixed – Save MySelection option would fail to keep the recategorization
  • Fixed – Certain automation tags prevented results from being added to the tree selection, and could crash



  • Fixed – Dialog for User Activity Analyzer was displaying incorrectly and would freeze
  • Fixed – Edit ‘Full Text Index’ settings was allowed on all selected databases when only already indexed databases can be set



  • Fixed – Loading a design as template in ActionBar was not showing the new settings



  •  Fixed – ‘Copy Unread Table between replicas’ was missing some documents

EZ Suite 20.0.1

September 4 2020

All Products

  • Fixed – validation process did not correctly recognize single product licenses – prevented them from working
  • Fixed – problem when launching signEZ or scanEZ from Notes
  • Improved – license validation when launching product now much faster
  • Improved – dialog display of correct expiration date when enabling Lite version
  • Improved – more informative dialog displays if license type is Trial or Lite

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