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All the products in the EZ Suite are now available in 64-bit. You will need it to work with the publicly available 64-bit beta version of HCL Notes Client. A new 64-bit installation package is available for download. And like the 64bit HCL Notes Client, our 64-bit EZ Suite solutions are in Beta.

General fixes and improvements

  • Handle the new ODS version 55 for Notes/Domino 12.
  • When saving a Database Selection, you can now specify if you want a partial server load or a full server load.
  • Fixed an issue where a Full Access Administration Rights error was wrongfully shown when it was in fact the target server which was not responding.
  • Fixed an issue that was blocking Load Saved Database Selection with the incorrect error “This command cannot be executed at this time”
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when there was no YtriaComment.nsf database present locally.
  • Protected the function used to give the type of a design element to handle a situation where the Flags and FlagsExt items were not correct text item.
  • Fixed an issue that was forbidding the launch of any product with the -x (automation) option in the command line.
  • Counters in task bar and progress bar are now formatted with thousands separator.
  • Bytes values exported in Microsoft Excel are now formatted as integer with thousands separator.
  • Fixed an issue in Grid Cell Comments which was forbidding the edit of multiple existing identical comments
  • Fixed an issue where grid Current Configuration set as Default was not applied properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the various totals on groups in grid were not reading elementary values in multi-values cells
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Count: exclude blank cells’ (former ‘Count: exclude empty cells’) where not counting number cell with a value equal to 0
  • Improved the Online/Offline license lease renew process.
  • All communications to Nalpeiron License Management solution is now HTTPS by default (this can be overridden by some registry entry).
  • Note: Nalpeiron system is still unable to use auto-detect proxy. You must use manual proxy settings.
  • Fixed links provided in the Lite Welcome dialog.


  • NEW – Added support for the new document type in Notes/Domino 12.0.1: Named Document.
  • Added new features “Conditional Delete Conflicts in Category” to delete a conflict ONLY if items that are in conflict with the parent are part of the list provided. If an item that is not on the list is in conflict (different or missing in parent) then the document will not be deleted.
  • “Save Current Checkbox Selection To File” replaces the former “Save Current Selection To File” menu entry. It now saves a CSV file listing the UNIDs of the current checkbox selections. The new “Load UNID File Into New My Selection” will use this file to crate a New My Selection. This replaces the former “Load ‘Saved Selection’ File”.
  • “Save current Tree State to File” replaces the former “Save all ‘My Selection’ Folders to File” menu entry.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when opening an old saved Tree State file (formerly ‘My Selection’ Folders file).
  • Fixed an issue after a field rename or copy in the Diff Grid, where the Diff Grid was always updated, even if some errors have been encountered, bringing the false impression the renaming/copying has been done.
  • Fixed a refresh issue of the tab that lists all the responses of a given document, where it was showing the list of the responses from a previously selected document instead.
  • Ytria Support Crash Reporter dialog is now HDPI compliant.
  • Dialog showing new available updates is now HDPI compliant.


  • NEW – You can now set a “pre-text” on each console title to allow a custom sorting of the consoles. This is saved in the Snapshot of the current settings.


  • Fixed an issue when copying ACL from one replica to another where the file path of the databases were mixed up between replicas.
  • Fixed an issue when looking for replicas on a server that was stopping the search if one of the selected databases encountered an error while looking for its replica, and all databases not processed yet being skipped.
  • Fixed a misleading output file path information provided when copying ACL between replicas.
  • Fixed an issue that was freezing replicationEZ when updating the main tree


  • Added new console command options for compact and dbmt available since Domino 12.


  • Fixed the Test button in the NAB Group Navigator which was not properly opening the dialog to test the Regular Expression.
  • Fixed an issue where a default NAB database and server manually set was not properly used to get the members of the groups.


  • Fixed an HDPI issue on the dialog used to edit the Action properties.

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