The only way to easily handle Team channels and content at scale

Whether auditing all Teams and their memberships at a glance or drilling down into their channels to view messages and content, sapio365 provides you the most visibility into activity within Microsoft Teams.

All information for Microsoft Teams is available for clear and easy access in sapio365’s patented FlexyView grid. Drill down into channels, their conversations, and their document libraries for a complete view of all Teams activity.

Microsoft Teams is the premiere solution for chat, meetings, and remote collaboration, and with sapio365 you’ll have the best means available to monitor and manage all aspects of this business-critical application.

Create actionable reports

Edit settings directly–what you see is what you get.
Read-only properties included.
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More efficient and thorough Microsoft Teams management
with sapio365

Keep track of sensitive Teams activity

Thoroughly monitor Team channels and posts for sensitive content and files for safe, secure, and compliant collaboration.

Handle Team sprawl

Ensure that your tenant is as lean as it can be thanks to the ability by easily targeting and removing inactive or invalid Teams.

Make sure Teams have proper moderation

Easily isolate any Teams without owners assigned to them, to make sure that they aren't just sitting uncontrolled or unused.

Skip the coding, work faster

Do even the most complex Team administration tasks in only a few clicks. No PowerShell needed.

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sapio365 makes our life easier!

With sapio365, I bring my cloud and on-premises accounts together in one place. I no longer have to search for them in one tool and then another – it really helps to avoid errors and problems. sapio365 makes our life easier!

Stéphane Bergeron, IT Director

Dig deep into all aspects of Team channels, including…

General Teams Information

  • Archive statuses
  • Team member settings
  • Team guest settings
  • Team "fun" settings
  • Team messaging settings
  • Private channel sites

Team Channel Information

  • Display names
  • Private channel members
  • Channel descriptions
  • Channel email addresses
  • Membership types
  • Private channel member count

Team Channel Message Information

  • Message subjects and content
  • Creation and modification dates
  • Importance levels and reactions
  • Attachment info and properties
  • "Sent from" device / application details

And that’s only the beginning.

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