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Learn about your environment hands on though EZ Suite

Take a Tandem Jump training session with a Ytria expert and you'll leap over EZ Suite learning curves and know more about your IBM Notes and Domino environment.

tandem jump

"Taking the tandem jump with Ytria's help let us discover so much about our environment, that it would've probably taken us about 2 weeks to get the same results ourselves—even if we already had the Ytria tools..."


- Anatol Lizik, Domino admin, Solaris

What is the Ytria Tandem Jump?

Providing a great education on our solutions has always been a top priority for us, be it through blog posts, quick how-to articles, free in-depth Ytria University sessions, or webinars, all so you get the most out of their Ytria products.

We've noticed an interesting trend while visiting customers over the past two years: when our engineers work alongside our users in their own environments, learning curves drop drastically, and the quality and effectiveness of feedback is off the charts, when compared to simple demos or show-and-tell sessions.

It turns out that it's one thing to watch the Ytria tools at work in a demo environment, yet it's quite another to have us put them to work for you in your own environment.

So, after numerous requests, we decided to make this once-private program available to anyone—whether you’re a customer, or still thinking about it*.

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What do I get?

The Ytria "tandem jump" starts with 15-minute discussion between you and a Ytria engineer about your objectives, your Domino environment, and any issues/questions you may have about the Ytria tools. And it follows up with 2 hours of quality, tandem worktime.

And if you don’t have all the Ytria tools already, don't worry, you'll get full-access for the duration of the session.

  • A multi-faceted review of your Domino environment's security posture: ACLs, groups, web-facing Domino servers, user password hashes, and other miscellaneous security settings.
  • Review of your application servers, design complexity analysis, agent management (long running agents, agents that should be running but aren't, agent security and more), template inheritance analysis and more.
  • Working with mail servers: ensuring proper mail owner settings and access control setup, scanning and reporting orphan mail files, mail rule settings, profile documents, ensuring archive settings are properly in place etc.
  • Review of the past 7 days of server error activity, and guidance for error resolution (by severity).
  • Complete analysis and guidance on your replication landscape—what has replicated and where—for your entire environment. This includes checking for missing and duplicate replicas, and inconsistent replication—document, design, agent, and database setting discrepancies.
  • Global insights for business application usage using both log.nsf data (including data volumes sent and received from servers per user/application) and recorded usage activity to identify usage patterns, applications ready to be archived, modernization priorities, and more.

You'll be able to record the session if you want, so you can take what you've learned and apply it elsewhere in your environment.

Is it as good as on-site training?

In our experience, on-site training workshops are the most efficient way to get you up to speed and maximize your ROI (these range from 1.5 to 2 days—learn more about these workshops), our customers have seen great results with these 2-hour sessions.

How much does it cost?

We're offering tandem jump sessions for $500 USD, applicable toward any purchase of new Ytria tools or on-site training.

Why would I need help? Why would I need a tandem jump session?

Watching demos for a tool you can't try out for yourself, or try in the ways that make sense for you, can feel a bit like watching people parachute while you think about buying a parachute. And you wouldn't want to try that out without guidance, would you? These sessions give you the best of both worlds: a clear vision of your environment from the start, and a chance to see if these tools are what you'll need to maintain the cleanliness of your environment.

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