Microsoft 365 Mailbox and Calendar Management – sapio365 offers Unmatched Visibility into your Data

From full overviews of users’ mailbox information, to deep dives into message details and content, to complete audits of group and user calendar events, sapio365 gives you a central platform to manage mail and calendar data in Microsoft 365.


sapio365 is your central point of access to manage the entire range of properties and settings that govern mail and calendar events for users and groups. What’s more, you’ll have access to mail and event information—such a mail and event body content–on a scale that is unmatched by other solutions—and this without having to write a single line of code*.

Mail and calendar functionality are crucial areas of Microsoft 365 administration. With sapio365 your oversight on mail and calendar information is easier and more thorough, and actionable in a mere fraction of the time. Communication is very important in a business and it is at the center of the company’s wellbeing, with errors in communication amongst departments leading to many issues. sapio365 improves and simplifies your understanding of your mail and calendar data, helping you to achieve more for your company.

*Access to PowerShell required for some features such as mailbox permission retrieval. All necessary components will be installed when needed. However, no coding is required from you to carry out actions.

Microsoft 365 mailbox

Complete distribution and shared management of mailbox and calendar management with sapio365

Keep track of the distribution of sensitive mail and event content

Using sapio365, you will be able to keep track of all outlook sharing through your organization. Thoroughly monitor subject lines, body content of events, and attachments for sensitive content and files to ensure safe, secure, and compliant collaboration. With sapio365, administration has the possibility to securely share data, only making it available to whom it concerns with restricted access.

Microsoft 365 calendar management has never been easier! Audit and report calendar events

Any number of users, and number of events! sapio365 lets you see everything in one place to create actionable reports for a full overview of event activity and details. Take advantage of Ytria’s platform for increased visibility into calendar events: less confusion amongst employees regarding meetings and schedules will undoubtedly impact your efficiency. Make it happen with sapio365!

Unparalleled security for your employees and business

sapio365 takes your security at heart. The platform was developed to accommodate users and provide multiple functionalities without neglecting the security of your personal and business data. Thanks to secure access management through sapio365, administration can easily control which users have access to which information.

Increased visibility into your Microsoft Office 365 mailbox and calendar data

sapio365 user’s gain full visibility of their mailbox and calendar data, allowing for better management of communications throughout Microsoft 365. This helps administrators make informed decisions and quickly identify issues before they are impactful. Enjoy 360-degree visibility and efficient problem-solving thanks to sapio365.

Manage mailbox permissions fast, and at scale

Whatever the purpose, mailbox delegation has never been so easy. Thanks to a clear overview of mailbox permissions, and the capability to manage multiple mailboxes are once. sapio365’s features also show whether there are any inactive mail addresses. Microsoft Office 365 accounts generally have a maximum storage capacity, and the removal of inactive accounts can help free up storage space.

Skip the coding, work faster with your business group

Do even the most complex mail and calendar administration tasks in only a few clicks. Microsoft Office 365 can be challenging at times, and its native functions do not always offer you the simple management your administrators wish for. The platform sapio365 is there to help users with the functionalities of Microsoft to achieve things effortlessly. No PowerShell needed.

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sapio365 makes our life easier!

With sapio365, I bring my cloud and on-premises accounts together in one place. I no longer have to search for them in one tool and then another – it really helps to avoid errors and problems. sapio365 makes our life easier!

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Explore all aspects of Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes and calendars


Ytria’s sapio365 is a helpful tool for businesses wanting to organize the mailbox and calendar data found in their Microsoft Office 365 in a more efficient way. It is easy to lose track of the mailbox intake and of all events due to their sheer amount and their high rate of creation. These are no longer issues when taking advantage of sapio365! You can now manage your mailbox permissions, message details and calendar event information through a simple, centralized platform.

Mailbox Permission

  • Mailbox owner names and IDs
  • Permission inheritance flags
  • User access rights
  • Mailbox system default settings
  • User principal and display names

Message Details

  • Message info and body content
  • Attachment metadata
  • Attachment file links
  • Senders and recipients
  • Delivery and read receipt statuses

Calendar Event Information

  • Response statuses
  • Organizer and attendee information
  • Scheduling and recurrence details
  • Event location information
  • Attachment information

And that’s only the beginning.
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