Microsoft 365 License Management – Manage your Service Plan and Licenses with Full Visibility

Whether you need to audit an entire organization’s Microsoft 365 license inventory, or deep dive into an individual user’s or group’s license information, sapio365 is your one-stop platform to see and manage everything about licenses–at any scale.

Microsoft 365 Licenses

Choose sapio365 for your Microsoft 365 license management

You’ll have full visibility of all license information in one place. From license ID information, to provisioning statuses, to service plans, work with it all without having to code a single line of PowerShell, thanks to sapio365’s patented FlexyView grid.

Licenses are, naturally, at the heart of an organization’s costs related to Microsoft 365. And proper license assignment is crucial for not only for your bottom line, but also a productive workforce—enabling them with the applications and services they require to do their job. Keep an eye on this essential aspect easily, with sapio365.

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Microsoft 365 license management

Unparalleled productivity for you and your team when managing Microsoft licenses and service plans with sapio365


Gain 360-degree license visibility of your licenses

With this increased license management option, your administrators will have360-degree visibility over the many licenses. Choosing sapio365 as your Microsoft 365 management platform will allow you to see all licenses, service plans, provisioning statuses and more, from any angle you want.

Due to the large number of licenses owned by many businesses, IT departments and administrators often spend significant amounts of time keeping them organized. With sapio365 you can monitor which licenses are active, observe which licenses can be removed, and finally identify easily your new licensing needs. Inactive licenses can be costly in the long run, that’s why proper management is necessary to remove them. Save on both license and administration thanks to sapio365.

Automate common administration jobs

sapio365 comes with a selection of license administration scenarios—such as finding users without licenses or users with duplicate service plans—pre-programmed for you. These automated tasks will help your business and users focus on the more pressing issues. Take advantage of functions such as selecting all licenses when assigning or removing them in the edition dialog to improve your workflow.

Ensure secure proper provisioning and monitoring throughout your organization for your users

Make sure that users and groups have the proper licenses and service plans assigned to them, enabling your workforce with the tools they need to do their job. By making sure that tasks are assigned to the right users, employees will be able to work more efficiently. Licensing management has never been easier than with sapio365.

Secure user and business information

At Ytria, we understand how important your security is. When using sapio365 for your business, your administration is able to individually pick which users have access to which information. With this solution, your administrators are able to monitor all users that have access to sensitive information through a Microsoft 365 license.

Multi-tenant Consumption License Analysis

In charge of multiple tenants? Getting a global picture of the effective license consumption on each tenant can be quite cumbersome and can take a lot of your precious time. Let sapio365 do the hard work for you and go through all the tenants under your responsibilities to generate a final report of all the tenants together focusing on what matters: these licenses that are paid for but not yet assigned. And for the tenants for which you set a unit cost, get an immediate cost summary. This Job can be scheduled to get a frequent report and stay on top of it.

Accelerate your Microsoft Office 365 license management workflow

Perform even your most complex group administration tasks in only a few clicks. With all its functionalities, sapio365 is able to help you manage and expand your business. Focus on the things that matter most and easily delegate jobs by making complex tasks easy. PowerShell scripts are no longer needed, which means less time spent scripting and testing your work and more time spent on your core competencies.

See users’ effective licenses and their sources

Users can be assigned Microsoft 365 licenses directly or through groups. Getting the global picture can be difficult using the Admin Portal. We reorganized how the information is provided in sapio365, so you get a quick and 100% clear image of the situation, with effective licenses and origin of these for each user.

Set a cost to your Microsoft 365 licenses

sapio365 gives views of who has which license assigned, how many licenses are unused and how many are underused. We have ready to use jobs to get you to the answer quickly instead of having to reach for that calculator to process those numbers. You will see the unit cost of the licenses in the already familiar views and reports: simply set a unit cost to your licenses through Licenses & Services and you will see those numbers in ‘Unit Cost’ columns wherever there is license information.

Once this is set, building any report about effective license cost, may it be per department, country, or anything you see fit, is quick and easy.

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With sapio365, I bring my cloud and on-premises accounts together in one place. I no longer have to search for them in one tool and then another – it really helps to avoid errors and problems. sapio365 makes our life easier!

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Handle all aspects of Microsoft 365 licenses easily without any code


Efficient integration of modules and applications such as sapio365 will positively impact your employee’s effectiveness within your company. Not only is licensing made easier, it is also entirely manageable from a central platform offering complete visibility. Take advantage of sapio365 for easy access to all kinds of license and service plan information, including associated user information, license assignment information and service plan information.

Associated User Information

  • Display names
  • Usage location information
  • User IDs
  • User account names
  • Use detail drilldowns

License Assignment Information

  • License statuses
  • Group assignment information
  • Assignment errors
  • License consumption information
  • SKU part numbers

Service Plan Information

  • Provisioning statuses
  • Plan IDs
  • Assignment dates
  • Global provisioning statuses
  • Plan names (friendly)
  • Unit cost to any licenses

And that’s only the beginning.
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