Teams Tip 7: How to access and manage OneDrive documents within Teams

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Microsoft Teams is the hub for collaboration in Office 365. Teams provides a seemless integration with many of the Office 365 workloads. One of those…

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Teams Tip 5: Options to Edit Documents in Teams

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When working on documents in Microsoft Teams it often happens that you need to answer a call, or respond to a conversation. And when you do, the…

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Here’s how to modify an item value in a whole bunch of documents. (Hint: It’s not as hard as it seems.)

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Anyone who has worked in purchasing knows the importance of keeping accurate invoicing records. Even without going as far as bringing the “taxman”…

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Restoring deleted folder designs, and returning their documents to their rightful place

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“I’ve deleted a folder—the design itself—not the documents contained in the folder. How can I get everything back to the way it was?” This is a…

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