How to get notified when documents are deleted or modified in Teams?

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By default, any member of a team can create, modify, and delete a document within the team. So there may be times when you’d like to be notified…

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How to restore a deleted document from Microsoft Teams?

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Microsoft Teams is a great tool for collaborating on documents and sharing them. In Teams each channel has a Files tab where you can create, upload,…

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attendance list

Download Teams meeting attendance list

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Recently I was asked if it was possible to have a list of the meeting participants from a Microsoft Teams meeting. The answer is yes! You can now…

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Microsoft 365 Whiteboard app settings

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The Microsoft 365 Whiteboard (aka Office 365 Whiteboard) is an amazing tool to collaborate with your coworkers. Especially in today’s landscape…

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Microsoft 365 Whiteboard App | Adding grid notes, lists, templates and documents

1 Comment4 Minutes

The Microsoft 365 Whiteboard App (aka Office 365 Whiteboard) is a freeform digital canvas that allows you to create freely, collaborate in real time…

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New Microsoft 365 Lists are coming soon to a tenant near you!

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SharePoint online is constantly evolving; and now Microsoft is releasing the next step for SharePoint Lists – including an app! Sharepoint Lists –…

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Possible issue with Microsoft Teams file sync

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In this previous post I had explained how to synchronize Microsoft Teams files from one channel and how to synchronize files from all channels of…

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Archiving a Microsoft Team

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A lot of the Teams that will be created in your organization should have a short to medium lifespan. Retaining teams that are not required anymore…

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Microsoft 365 Whiteboard App | Draw, Add Notes, Images and Text

1 Comment3 Minutes

In today’s landscape where almost everyone is working from home, organizations are looking for ways for their teams to collaborate and share…

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Issues when renaming channels in Microsoft Teams

15 Comments8 Minutes

Update The issue has been fixed by Microsoft. You can now rename a channel in Teams, and the associated folder in SharePoint will also be renamed.…

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Microsoft’s Whiteboard App: Introduction and Installation

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Whiteboards have become a fixture in boardrooms, offices and work environments everywhere, allowing people to collaborate visually. As online…

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Generate a searchable transcript from your Teams meeting

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Microsoft Teams is a great tool to run meetings because you can share your desktop (or a even single application), share a whiteboard, communicate…

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Teams Tip 18: Control if anonymous users can join meeting

2 Comments1 Minutes

In the Microsoft Teams Admin Center there is an option to allow or prevent anonymous users from joining Teams meetings. In this series of quick tips…

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Teams Tip 17: Disallow the forwarding of your meeting invitation

0 Comments1 Minutes

Did you know that you can disable the ability of invitees to forward or transfer your meeting invitations to other users? In this series of quick…

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