Microsoft 365 | Which users are storing music or video files on OneDrive?

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Schools and other organizations may adopt document storage policies in Microsoft 365 that prohibit students from storing certain types of files on…

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Teams Tip 14: Synchronizing Microsoft Teams files to your PC​

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You probably know the OneDrive client lets you synchronize your OneDrive files to your desktop. But did you know you can also synchronize your files…

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Teams Tip 7: How to access and manage OneDrive documents within Teams

2 Comments1 Minutes

Microsoft Teams is the hub for collaboration in Office 365. Teams provides a seemless integration with many of the Office 365 workloads. One of those…

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How to report on documents ‘shared with guest’ or ‘shared with anonymous’

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Office 365 with SharePoint, Teams and Onedrive is great for sharing information and documents. But this must be managed properly to maintain…

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